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  Charlie Evans & Christian Taylor vs. Ty Alexander & Chase Addams

Christian: 6'2, 180 / Charlie: 5'8, 130

The patriotic prettyboys use the fallen "heels'" phones to take some salacious selfies

Ty savors the suffering of the BG star as he tortures him in a camel clutch

Chase fishhooks Evans' mouth and bounces on his lower spine with a camel

Ty works a trunk-pulling abstretch on Christian's chiseled body

Little Charlie bent in a double-teaming over-the-knee backbreaker

Selfies, Lies, and Videotape

Best Ring Match 2016
Best 2016 Overall Match
After winning multiple BG East fan awards, Ty Alexander's career is skyrocketing in direct proportion to his expanding ego. To go along with the awards and accolades, he has been acquiring all of the trappings and emblems of pro wrestling success, like an expansive gear collection and an army of devoted fans. But nothing says success quite like that elusive, exclusive acquisition of a wrestling protege.

Plucked from the masses of Ty's fans, Charming Chase Adams is more than eager to be groomed to expand the Trophy Boy franchise. A stellar graduate from a local pro wrestling training program, he is lean, mean and an incredibly quick study in the ring. His inexhaustible ambition and infatuation with his own reflection made Charming Chase the perfect candidate to follow in Ty's footsteps. Decked out in the Trophy Boy's signature custom gear, Team Vanity arrives 20 minutes late for their debut tag team match. After all, all those pre-match selfies take time!

Their opponents are all-American babyface beauties Christian Taylor and Charlie Evans. Veteran fan favorite Christian has been mentoring the lightweight phenom Charlie for this, his BG East debut. Charlie showed up with a ton of underground wrestling experience and a work ethic every bit as fierce as Christian's. Decked out in matching Old Glory gear and earnest as hell, the all-Americans hold nothing but contempt for their self-absorbed opponents.

Christian and Charlie have to interrupt their opponents' cell phone photo shoot to finally get this match underway. In perfect synchronicity, the all-Americans break the narcissists apart in tandem. From an acrobatic handstand headscissors, Charlie monkey flips Ty across the ring. Christian instantly rips the Trophy Boy wide in a humiliating spladle until Ty screams a record-fast first fall submission. The all-Americans make sure their opponents will remember this hard lesson by taking their own selfies with Team Vanity's phones.

Although Ty and Chase's self-infatuation is a major liability, they are devastatingly dangerous once they turn their attention to the task at hand. They isolate Charlie first, dropping mountains of punishment on the rookie's lightweight body. Hung like fresh laundry in a tree of woe, Charlie's balls and abs are severely pounded by the nefarious double-teaming bad boys. A soul-sucking ball claw scoop slam nearly ends Charlie's wrestling career before it begins, while all the while his handsome partner watches helplessly from across the ring.

Team Vanity also get to sink their claws deep into handsome Christian as well. Ty is exceedingly proud of his dragon sleeper and abdominal claw on his veteran opponent, but the Trophy Boy is seriously irked to discover that his protege is too busy taking more selfies to capture Ty's triumph on camera. When it's Chase's turn to have a go, he locks Christian up tight in an innovative double armbar suspended backbreaker that he's sure will impress his mentor, but Ty's too distracted checking his hair to notice.

Perhaps putting two narcissists on the same tag team wasn't the brightest idea. Chase and Ty's attentions turn increasingly toward trying to outdo each other. Soon enough, the all-Americans effectively exploit their egotistical opponents' distractedness. They're back on the same page with Ty wrapped up tight in Charlie's Boston Crab while Christian smother's him into submission in simultaneous crotch-to-face headscissors. Charming Chase pays the price for tag team infighting as well, eventually knocked out cold in a double-team figure-4 leglock and sleeper. Now it's their opponents turn to take some cell phone photos!

Rules are shattered. Egos are bruised. Fortunes turn on a dime as internecine infighting and vicious revenge bring this dizzying tag team melee to a shocking conclusion. You've never seen tag team wrestling this fast-paced, frenzied, and furious!

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Team Torture 19


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Tag Team Torture 19 Arena Galleries

FREE Action Clip on Arena

"Not the face!" Christian drives the vain heel facefirst into the unforgiving turnbuckle

And now for the coup de grace: Chase finished with a double team sleeper, figure 4 combo

Ty face down and finished, unable to help as his partner is finished off

Christian carts Charming Chase around the ring in a torture rack

Narcissus Undone: The end result of the trophy boys' debut

#Getonmylevel: Who's to blame for the loss?

Ty: 5'9, 180 / Chase: 6', 170

Little wrecker Charlie Evans works his fellow newbie foe's back in an arched side headlock

Charming Chase Addams cranks an armbar variation as he wrecks the fan favorite's shoulder

Ty drags the suffering ginger to his feet with handfuls of the fiery locks

Ty's gear unsurprisingly peeled down as he works the newbie in an inverted bearhug

Christian's shredded abs exposed to a double team attack from the trophy boys

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