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  Ty Alexander vs. Chase Addams

Ty Alexander: 5'9, 180

Chase trapped in a tree of woe as Ty's full weight bears down with a crotch crushing boot

Kicking ass in style: Chase dons shades before he puts Ty in a texas cloverleaf

Chase delivers a humbling spanking to turnbuckle-trapped Ty

Ty finds himself trapped in a tree of woe as Chase clobbers his abs

Ty exhausted and exposed in the tag partner meltdown

A Bitter Divorce

It's never a good sign when tag team partners rehash a match, blow by blow, to decide who screwed it up worse. "I was carrying our team the entire time!" Charming Chase Addams insists, assigning blame for every misstep to his tag team partner Ty Alexander. "I stepped up that whole entire match!" Ty snarls, claiming upperclassmen privilege in heaping scorn on the newbie.

It's an abrupt end for the mentor-protege duo that held such high hopes for taking BG East tag team wrestling by storm. Ty has been coaching his fan-turned-teammate in his unique approach to pro wrestling for weeks now. He dressed them in matching custom gear. They studied for hours the best lighting for ring selfies. They planned their victory poses in painstaking detail. But if anything, Charming Chase may have learned a bit too much from Ty. In their troubled debut tag team match, the young upstart displayed a level of self-infatuation that rivaled Ty's infamous narcissism. Two egos this big are guaranteed to have a tough time squeezing into the same ring, much less being on the same team.

Returning to the ring to nurse wounds and settle scores, the broken remnants of Team Vanity are bruised and bitter. The rookie's sneering ingratitude earns him a cracking slap across the face to get the grudge match going. They are remarkably evenly matched, having studied each other's moves for weeks. Ty pins his protege against the ropes and lands a slap to the rookie's chest that leaves a bright red handprint. Abruptly Chase turns the tables and shocks Ty with his own welt-raising slap to the chest. Every move is quickly countered. Every hold his rapidly reversed. They punish one another with the brutal efficiency than only a former friend and confidant can accomplish.

Facing down the threat of being overshadowed by his ambitious protege, Ty treats the rookie to nasty humiliation. A stunning bearhug squeezes the air out of Chase's lungs before being slammed to the mat with authority. Ty crushes the new kid's balls with Chase completely at his mercy in a tree of woe. A savage armbar and wristlock drop the ambitious newbie to his knees at Ty's feet, sucking down pain and choking on the impulse to submit. "I wish I had my camera for this!" Ty smirks, expertly securing a figure-4 leglock that makes the rookie flop and flail like a limp noodle.

However, Chase knows more about pro wrestling than just what he learned from Ty. Quite a bit more, in fact. The valedictorian of a local pro wrestling training school, Chase knows how to reverse a figure-4 leglock. And he's determined to execute every hold and move of his mentor with just a little bit more finesse and a shade more intensity. He manhandles Ty into a revenge tree of woe, pounding Ty's gut and stomping savagely on the Trophy Boy's face. "Not the face!" Ty pleads. "Especially the face!" Chase screams furiously.

This match is precisely what you get when you combine superior pro wrestling technique, a savagely bitter rivalry, and out of control egos hell bent on exacting more than a pound of flesh in payment for perceived insults. The end is absolutely decisive, as one raging narcissist knocks the other out cold in a spine-jarring piledriver. But is it Ty knocking the cocky rookie down a peg, or has the student become the master?

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Ty Alexander vs. Chase Addams
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Ty about to tap in a rope assisted headscissors

Chase perches atop Ty in a torturous double leg nelson variation

Ty wails and tries valiantly to escape the texas cloverleaf of the shades-clad turncoat

The trophy boys battle it out in a mutual headscissor showdown

Chase drags Ty kicking and screaming into a ringpost ballbuster

Insult to injury: Ty grinds a faceful of crotch into his rope bound opponent's face

Chase Addams: 6', 170

Chase isn't backing down as his one-time mentor shoves into him

Ty smothers his protege in a facesitting pin

Ty revels in teaching his protege a lesson as he claws at his face

Ty lifts his former partner off the mat in a constricting reverse bearhug

Ty's former protege sets him up for a statement making piledrive

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