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  Brute Baynard & Matt Thrasher vs. Morgan Cruise & Damien Rush

Cruise: 5'7, 170 / Rush: 5'11, 185

Daddy's little rich boy fucked the fuck UP with a gnarly surfboard, wristlock, facehook combination

The Mastodon muscles the Brute to the mat with a side headlock

A big, BIG knee lift takes the wind right out of Damien's sails

Cruise demands attention as his boot grinds into Thrasher's throat

Brute rains brutal elbows down on Rush's trapped arm while he works a headscissors

Unequally Yoked

Tag teams are formed under a variety of circumstances. Happenstance is as common a reason to partner up as friendship. Some tag teams are united by a common enemy. Others emerge from opponents who earn each other's respect in singles competition. Brute Baynard and Matt Thrasher teamed up for only one reason: technically, Brute needs a partner in order to claim the tag team championship. He's quite confident he could manage the challenge singlehandedly, but rules are rules. So he plucked beefy muscle daddy Matt Thrasher from obscurity and put him through a crash course in how to stay the hell out of Brute's way.

Their opponents were brought together for different reasons altogether. Damien Rush's rich daddy paid Morgan Cruise a hefty sum to take the silver spoon out of Damien's mouth and make a tag team champion wrestler out of him. Morgan is convinced that his prospects would be brighter without daddy's sexy little rich boy tied to him like an anchor. But as long as Damien knows his place and lets the Mastodon do all the heavy lifting, Morgan thinks their prospects of victory are quite high.

The heel captains of each team take the lead in all things. The pre-match trash talk, the gratuitous muscle posing, and finally the start of the wrestling action see Brute and Morgan take the bull by the horns and set the pace. They're well matched in skill, with Brute having a distinct size advantage, while Morgan enjoys the benefits of superior speed. "Come on, take him down!," Matt shouts encouragement from the corner when Brute cranks a vicious side headlock on Morgan. "No, no no!," Brute barks angrily at his partner. "Do not tell me what to do!"

Moves and countermoves give an initial edge to Brute, particularly when he wraps those gargantuan thighs around Morgan's head and squeezes long and hard. But both seasoned pros are tough and calculating, with no submission anywhere in sight. Damien and Matt both plead to get tagged in, which serves only to irritate their partners further.

In the face of a possible stalemate, the second stringers are finally permitted a piece of the action. It doesn't go well at all. Brute effortlessly stops Damien with eye rakes and breath-stealing knees to the gut. Chastened, daddy's little rich boy literally runs in terror to tag his partner back in. Morgan initially has a tougher time taming muscle daddy Matt, but a calculated kick to the balls puts the Mastodon back in charge. "Why did you let him kick you in the nuts!?," Brute is appalled.

Every match-up between Morgan and Brute is expertly executed wrestling technique. As soon as either Matt or Damien climb through the ropes, the ring novices stink up the place with sloppy holds and poor follow through. "You know, your partner is pretty bad," Brute has to point out to Morgan. "You know, you're partner is pretty bad, too," Morgan concedes the obvious.

Patience is worn paper thin. Both tag teams start to fray at the edges. Matt's flat-footed impotence and Damien's whining cowardice test the heel captains' tolerance for their mediocre partners. All hell breaks loose when finally one heel captain turns his full attention to punishing his now-former partner for the embarrassment of being associated with him. The tale of victory navigates its way through multiple betrayals and tested allegiances. No one emerges unscathed, but the team left standing very well may have a shot at claiming the title of BG East's reigning tag team champions, after all!

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Brute Baynard & Matt Thrasher vs. Morgan Cruise & Damien Rush
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Brute flexes in a headcissors pushup on heel foe Cruise

The Mastodon and Brute team-up on hot, rope-bound daddy Matt Thrasher

The heels square off in a camel clutch battle to see whose partner will submit first

The Brute and the Mastodon trample daddy's little rich boy underfoot

Brute and Cruise test the mettle of each other's partners in a bearhug battle

New allegiances rise from the ashes of betrayal

Brute: 6'1, 250 / Thrasher: 5'11, 210

Big Daddy Matt Thrasher's biceps peak as he powers free of a full nelson

The Mastodon rains big forearms down into the pecs of the rope bound Thrasher

Brute shows Thrasher how it's done as he lifts Rush off the mat in a backbreaking bearhug

The Mastodon presses his advantage (and his boot!) with the choke on the ropes

The Mastodon's partner hollers encouragement from ringside as he's brought to his knees

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