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  Zach Reno vs. Kirk Donahue

Zach Reno: 5'8, 160

Hunky, hairy Reno drops Kirk in an over-the-knee backbreaker

Reno hooks Donahue's neck, taking him hard to the mat

Zach drops Kirk headfirst into the mat with a stunning neckbreaker

Reno's big bicep messes up Kirk's pretty face in a camel clutch/rear chinlock combo

Reno tramples the long-suffering babyface underfoot, choking him over the ropes

Seductive and Sweet

Pro wrestling greatness is a seductive, if elusive dream. Kirk Donahue has been angling for his big break for over a year now, learning the ropes, studying the science, taking bumps from any ring veteran willing to give the kid the time of day. His freckle faced youth and earnest hunger to make a name for himself in the ring have frequently opened the door for a potentially career-launching match, but time and time again the door has been slammed unceremoniously shut in his adorable baby face. You have to hand it to him, though. He keeps scraping his sweet, lean body up off the mat and signing up for another shot at rewriting the story of his pro wrestling ascension.

Zach Reno has been in much the same predicament. His hot, hairy pecs and five o'clock shadow instantly made him an object of masculine fan obsession. But his mechanics in the ring have left the hirsute hunk with a dodgy match record and a reputation for looking mouthwateringly good on the wrong end of a one-sided beating. With a lush head of hair and a spectacular muscled ass, his certainty of becoming the next babyface champion has taken as much a bitter bruising as his sultry, sexy muscled body has. But Zach just keeps telling himself that no one that looks this good can long be denied success.

"Watch your eyes," Zach warns Kirk, pumping his juicy right bicep directly in the kid's freckled face. "I might flex and pop your eyeballs right out." Kirk's heard all of the withering commentary and skinny kid jokes before, and he's never been amused by them. If there's one thing he's learned in his devoted studies of the pro wrestling canon, it's that big beautiful muscles like Zach's are just as often flat on their back and weeping like a baby as they are victorious. Both Kirk and Zach look really, really good. But looking good never won a wrestling match.

They trade blows in the opening seconds, feeling each other out. Zach snatches a swinging scoop slam that pounds Kirk's lower back to the mat with authority. Moments later, the freckle-faced phenom returns the favor, body slamming the hairy hunk down and flexing his hot baseball bicep in the muscleman's face. It's then Zach's turn to muscle his opponent into a spine-numbing suplex, gloating and preening over his writhing challenger. But when he goes to the well a second time, Kirk blocks the suplex attempt and reverses, knocking the air out of Zach and leaving the stunned stud sucking on air and begging for a second to catch his breath. "Seems like anything you can do, I can do just as well," Kirk smirks. "That's your opinion," Zach snarls, "and your opinion sucks!"

Someone's career is definitely going to get a sweet infusion of momentum before all is said and done. But the advantage teeters back and forth with a razor thin difference separating the two hungry hunks. Zach is the first to pull hair, but his curly locks pay the price for it when Kirk starts to latch on and rip his out by the roots. "How do you like it!?" Kirk shouts in his face once he's snapped on kidney-crushing bodyscissors and started yanking hard on his opponent's shaggy mane. They trade bitter submissions, Kirk wrenching one out of Zach with a vicious figure-4 leglock, only later to wail out his own to the hairy hunk's cross-face crippler. The thinnest of margins separates the two, with both ambitious men growing more reluctant to give away one final decisive fall. "Give up, or I'll knock you out," one of them grins ear to ear, savoring the taste of imminent victory. "Never!" the frustrated babyface snarls back, seconds before he's knocked out cold with a face-bashing running bulldog.

The outstanding athleticism and technical skills make this one of the most competitive matches you'll see all year, and between two talented pro babyface beauties! Whether you're rooting for Kirk's freckle faced ambition or Zach's hunky, hirsute hotness, these fierce babyface brawlers will keep you on the edge of your seats to the bitter, bragging, beautiful end.

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Donahue rains a big boot down onto Reno's trapped knee

Reno reels helplessly in the corner as Kirk lands a blistering chop to his beefy hairy pecs

Reno's ring skills on point as he whips Kirk over in a ring-shaking suplex

Reno measures a dazed, doubled Kirk for a massive overhand chop

Reno's massive stomps drives Kirk's suffering body deeper into the turnbuckle

Reno with the rope-assist as he drives his boot tread across Kirk's throat

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 170

The sweat soaked babyface wrecks his foe with a kneeling double armbar

The babyface beams beatifically as he poses with a knee pinning Reno's throat

Reno suffers in pain as he lands hard on the unforgiving canvas ass-first

Kirk bulges beautifully as he arches in a boot choke over the ring apron

Reno cleans the bottom of his boot off on the battered babyface

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