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  Jonah Richards vs. Cameron Matthews

Jonah Richards: 5'9, 148

Cameron rolls Jonah up tight in a humiliating legsplit, crotch-to-face pin

Blue jean babyface beauties battle it out in the mat room

Cameron rocks and leans far back in a blue-jeaned camel clutch on Jonah

Cameron grinds the brunette babyface's face into his packed bulge

Jonah flexes victoriously as he puts an early tick in the "L" column for young upstart Cameron

Ripped, Stripped and Hogtied

Was there ever a more baby babyface than Cameron Matthews early in his pro wresting career? His late-cracking voice, bowl haircut, and baby smooth, delayed adolescent physique epitomized the upright youth, beauty, and bold ambitions that jump to mind when we marvel at the ranks of babyface wrestlers. Although we've seen Cameron grow up, quite literally, before our very eyes, we are delighted to share in this blast from the past, a match from the archives.

Back when Cameron was primarily known for his burgeoning wrestling skills in the ring, Jonah Richards was determined to teach the rising phenom a lesson in rough and tumble mat wrestling. "You ready to get your ass kicked," Jonah snarls as they step into the mat room in street clothes. Even at this early point in his career, Cameron had faced opponents twice Jonah's size, so it's understandable that he isn't easily intimidated by the bantamweight nightclub brawler. But when he turns his back to stretch out, Cameron abruptly finds himself snatched up into a wrenching full nelson with his face slammed viciously into the wall. "You're not so tough now, are you?" Jonah taunts.

Both of these young babyface brawlers are astonishingly tough. Jonah's reputation as a seriously sadistic, nasty piece of work is already well established. His pinchable cheeks and disarming smile almost guarantee that he'll be underestimated every time, which is exactly the way Jonah likes it. There's a vulnerable skinny young man vibe about him that makes Cameron as susceptible as every other wrestler Jonah has faced to mistaking his whipcord lean muscles as a weakness. When Cameron finds himself flat on his back, with Jonah's sensational, taut ass planted on his chest and the bantamweight starting to unbutton Cameron's jeans, the dangers of underestimating Jonah come into crystal clear focus.

Of course, Cameron is equally a study in cherubic beauty masking a major league ass kicker. He repeatedly uses his height and weight advantage to muscle free from Jonah's steel traps, and with a classic gut wrench and hammerlock, he mounts his opponent's back and works on ripping that lean arm out of its socket. Translating his ring skills seamlessly to the mat room, Cameron shifts forward and violently wrenches Jonah into a camel clutch that puts the bantamweight's neck in serious jeopardy. "Huh, Mr. Tough Guy?" Cameron taunts, demanding the punk's response to getting owned.

The pot comes to a boil slowly as impetuous, cocky young brawlers battle on in jeans, refusing to even take a break to strip down to more sensible gear. When Cameron finally decides to peel off his sweat soaked t-shirt, Jonah interrupts with an ambush, breaking the bigger man down and buttoning him tightly in agonizingly powerful whipcord bodyscissors. He works on dialing in public radio with Cameron's nipples, taunting and clawing and busting right through the pro wrestler's super high tolerance for pain. Again, muscle and size turn the tide Cameron's way soon enough, and a full five falls into the blazing hot action, he finally rips Jonah's jeans off and uses them to choke the stubborn babyface.

Only one of these wolves in sheep's clothing racks up an insurmountable lead in submissions and pinfalls as the momentum starts to crush one screaming, whimpering stud relentlessly. It's a decisive sleeper finish and crowing, taunting trash talk as the winner starts to pick up his street clothes and head for the door. But just when he thought he was out, a shocking, groggy punch to the balls from behind pulls him right back in to the primal free for all. It should probably come as no surprise that it takes hogtying one of these testosterone junkies with a leather belt before the melee finally comes to a close.

Beauty, brutality, and brashness make this a babyface brawl that stands the test of time.

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Lean, lovely Jonah flaunts his six-pack as he pins Cam to the mat

Cinching in a figure four headscissors, Cam wedges Jonah's trunks high up his ass

Cam works on putting the stubborn rookie out with a figure four headscissors

A reverse figure four headscissors wedges Jonah's face deep in the award-winning ass

Cam's long lean legs clamp torturously around his babyface opponent's ripped midsection

Jonah rolls the superstar up in a spladle putting his sensational ass on display

Cameron Matthews: 5'11, 160

Rough-and-tumble battle in street clothes as Jonah works over Cam's leg with a leather belt

Cameron suffers as Jonah restrains him with a double underhook

Jonah mounts his babyface foe's back and strangles him with his own t-shirt

Cameron has had enough of the disrespect as he chokes the punk with his own jeans

Jonah "dialing in public radio" as he works on Cameron's nipples

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