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  Biff Farrell vs. Chet Chastain

Biff Farrell: 5'7, 180

Big buff bodybuilder Biff drops the mouthy pro stud to his knees in a test of strength

The pro babyface stud intends on making the bodybuilder his bitch in a camel clutch

Chet gives Biff a taste of real pro wrestling with a side bodyscissors, inverted facelock combo

The babyface bodybuilder rolls the skilled stud over for a boston crab

Chet kneels dominantly astride the exhausted, nearly-wasted beach stud

A Debate Worth Watching: Strength, Skill... or Beauty?

It's a tale as old as time. When push comes to shove, and it always does, which fundamental asset will win the day, strength or skill? Beautiful, blond, blue-eyed beefcake Biff Farrell is a study in raw, raging power. The runner up for Top Babyface of 2015 has built his pro wrestling dreams upon constructing a stunningly hot, massively muscled physique. Biff believes that all of the rest of it will come with experience. Taking bumps, learning counters, building a repertoire of wrestling holds and match strategies is just the gravy on top. The meat and potatoes are the massive, bulging, devastatingly powerful muscles that he's so very proud of.

Chet Chastain is the dramatic foil illustrating the other side of the strength versus skill debate. A rising star on the indy pro wrestling scene, Chet has devoted years of his young life to the science and art of expanding his pro wrestling expertise. Chet respects the pro wrestling business, its history and customs. He works out because he knows the function and form that his body needs to fulfill in order to execute the wrestling technique he has lovingly developed. And nothing in this world offends Chet more than a thick-necked, doe-eyed, fan favorite bodybuilder who thinks that if he can make his pecs dance he can be a serious threat in the pro wrestling ring.

"You think you're so tough?" Chet demands when he finds big Biff exhibiting his crowed pleasing physique. "I don't think you're shit!" The opening minutes of this philosophical proof make Biff's points for him, though. With a test of strength, Biff drives the pro babyface to his knees like it's nothing at all. Repeated collar and elbow lock ups result in big Biff literally picking Chet up off his feet and catapulting the stunned stud across the ring. Several minutes in, and the "skill" side of the debate hasn't even gotten out of the gate. The bodybuilder's mountainous, peaked biceps flexing in Chet's face, on the other hand, make some persuasive arguments.

Sucker punches and kicks to the gut finally permit "Team Skill" to mount some serious offense. Focusing on picking apart Biff's massive, thick neck, Chet wears him out hard with a full nelson, and then drapes his throat over the ropes and climbs on the bodybuilder's back to choke him. "Right now you're learning how to be a professional wrestler instead of some little bodybuilding bitch!"

To say that Biff doesn't know pro wrestling, however, would be to overlook his quickly growing resume facing off against some of the most accomplished and merciless heels in the business. So when Biff turns the tables with a battering ram knee to the gut, hanging Chet up high and hopeless in a screaming bodybuilder full nelson, it's the seasoned pro who's screaming like a bitch and pleading for mercy. When Biff expertly rolls his opponent up, racked in a backbreaker across his shins, his rumbling bass voice growls, "Give to me!!!" Sure enough, Chet screams his submission before all that power can do lasting damage.

As Chet himself points out, though, he's hardly a slouch when it comes to muscle development. It takes both skill and leverage for him to roll his massive opponent into a back breaking Boston crab. "Why don't you fucking scream!" Chet demands, and, shockingly, the bulging babyface obliges. "Tell me now, how does professional wrestling feel!?"

Both ego driven babyfaces go dark in this sprint to the depths of low blows and bitter vengeance. Demonstrating the obvious truth that both hardbodied hotties come with abundant strength and skill, they rack up high stakes submission holds that nearly cripple them both. But in this match, victory is not satisfied with pinfalls. It isn't the number of submissions or 3 count pins that settle this simmering debate. The climax comes only when one outhustled, outmuscled, outwrestled babyface beauty is obediently screaming, "I'm a bitch!" before the bitter loser is put out cold with a debate silencing sleeper.

This match probably won't settle the perpetual debate about strength versus skill, but one contender certainly makes the more convincing argument this time around. And the beautiful battle is worth every minute!

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Chet lays into the blond beefcake with vicious blow after blow

Team Muscle mounts an impressive campaign agains Team Pro with this camel clutch

Biff deadly serious as he works a scream from the cocky pro stud in a boston crab

"GIVE TO ME!!" Biff demands with the pro stud across his shins in a backbreaker

Turnabout is fair play though as the babyface pro returns the favor to the bulging bodybuilder

A knee to the back of the neck chokes the bent bodybuilder over the ropes

Chet Chastain: 5'10, 185

Bigger Chet muscles Biff over in a side headlock in the babyface brawl

Biff muscles the pro-wrestling ambassador up into a neck-cranking full nelson

Big Biff's biceps bear down hard in a reverse bearhug on the pro stud

Biff crucified in the ropes as Chet works a smoither sleeper from behind on the apron

Chet stands tall, leaning back in a spine warping boston crab variation

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