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  Goren Ford vs. Richie Douglas

Goren Ford: 6'1, 170 lbs

Richie works a combination hammerlock, reverse chinlock on his bigger opponent

Richie scores first in this strip stakes brawl with a heated headscissors

Ford snatches back control with a reverse chinlock, side-control bodyscissors

The bigger stud battles back as Richie takes him to his knees with a reverse chinlock

A single-leg boston is Richie's dominant showing up of the older stud

Golden Boy's Graduation Day

Golden boy Richie Douglas is a new man. His glory days as quarterback of a small town high school mediocre football team are in the rear view mirror. Richie may be late to his newly chosen sport of wrestling, but he's a natural. His ripped, lean muscles and lightning fast reflexes enabled our boy wonder to walk on to his collegiate wrestling team and instantly earn respect. Stretching out and running drills in the mat room are his way of tamping down the butterflies for his first tournament looming in just a few days.

When big Goren Ford strolls in and silently starts stretching out his shirtless, gorgeously muscled physique, Richie is put out. "What are you doing here? I need this space to practice for my wrestling tournament," the aspiring all-star complains, hands on his hips. "If you want to practice, you can practice with me," Goren's voice rumbles from deep in his big, bulging chest. He gets up in Richie's face, and at half a foot shorter, Richie has to peer upward to lock a steely gaze with the aggressive interloper.

Loren muscle-bullies Richie to the mat effortlessly. His height and weight advantage are stunning as he bulldozes the golden boy to his back and pins the backs of his hands to the mat overhead. Little Richie has been bullied before, so it isn't long before he kicks into high gear and effectively counters with kidney bruising bodyscissors. But the big man flexes his way to freedom and smoothly flips the outmuscled babyface over, squatting low into a spine snapping boston crab. "How do you like that, wrestling star?" Goren taunts.

The fight in on. What Richie lacks in size, he more than makes up for in leverage and balance. Repeatedly, Richie uses Goren's momentum against him, escaping from Goren's steel traps and striking back before the big man can get his bearings. Goren easily shrugs his big, powerful shoulders out of a full nelson, but Richie is two steps ahead, dropping the powerhouse to his back and astonishingly schoolboy pinning him, perched with perfect balance on top of the big man's chest. "Let's see you bully your way out of this," Richie smiles down, shoving his sweaty balls into Goren's astonished face.

What started as a practice session for Richie's amateur wrestling tournament turns into so much more. "Not bad, man!" Goren concedes after submitting to a face-to-crotch ball gag. "So you like shoving your balls in a man's face?" Goren asks, suddenly dropping to his knees and peeling the wrestling singlet off of the rising star. "Maybe," Richie smirks, letting him do it. Pinning him to the wall and pressing his big, muscled body into him, Goren purrs, "What else do you like to do?" Richie looks the big man up and down before replying, "Why don't you find out?"

Like we said, Richie is a whole new man these days. Maybe it's the extra excitement Goren brings to this match when he starts grinding his bulging crotch into the golden boy's bubble butt. Perhaps Richie had this taunting, teasing strip wrestler inside him all along, just waiting for the right opponent to bring out the best and biggest from the bulging babyface. Either way, little Richie Douglas just graduated into a full contact, crotch grinding, ball smothering wildcat who gives every ounce as good as he takes from a big, hungry, horny hunk like Goren. The victor may surprise you, but you'll understand why the lucky loser eagerly obeys his order to take this tussle to the showers.

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The lean young stud's abs stretched out as Goren assaults his nips

Lovely, little Richie powers the bigger stud over with a side headlock

Richie battles back defensively as Goren attempts a suspended bearhug

Richie works Goren in an up-close-and-personal ball-introducing headscissors

Goren arches in vain in a bid to escape the toned jock's bodyscissors

Pretty, young college star on top in a humiliating schoolboy pin

Richie Douglas: 5'8, 140

Goren muscles his way out of the smaller athlete's full nelson

Goren attempts control of the smaller stud as he withstands the bodyscissors

Comfortably on top, Richie glares down into the eyes of helplessly bully-pinned opponent

Richie dominantly controls the big boy's blood flow as he works a bodyscissors from behind

Goren on the board finally as he peels down the preening, prettyboy's singlet

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