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  Cole Cassidy vs. Karl Volk

Cole Cassidy: 5'8, 175 lbs

Cole tucks Carl's face under his balls as he rolls him up for a reverse schoolboy pin

Karl saps Cole's strength as he puts his shredded foe to rest with a tight sleeper

Cole clamps down with a crushing headscissors, ball claw combo

Karl gets a mouthful of Cassidy crotch in the cocky schoolboy pin

Cole rains blows down on the trapped arm of his headscissored opponent

A Fiery End to an International Detente

Cole Cassidy has earned his way onto the short list of BG East's most dangerous shoot wrestlers. A competitive MMA fighter and all around badass, Cole is chiseled out of granite and ripped to shreds. His muscles have muscles. Every angle of this physical specimen is honed to a sharp edge. And his legion of fans know full well that Cole is as devastatingly skilled as he is fabulously fit. He terminates opponents big and small with absolute dispassion and mercilessness. He breaks men, not because he enjoys it so much, but simply because it's what he does. He has this one purpose for which he trains so single-mindedly, seven days a week. He rips opponents apart like no one else can.

But even Cole skips a beat when he catches sight of massive Karl Volk waiting for him on the mats. The giant German is visually jarring next to Cole's physical perfection. Barrel-chested and muscle-bellied, Karl has ugly, rough edges all over. There's something unsettling about his extravagant mustache, five o'clock shadow, and shock of a bleach blond Mohawk capping off his daunting body. He looks hungry, and the smile that stretches across his handsome face leaves you with the impression that Cole's impeccable muscles look like filet mignon to the vicious German battler.

Despite giving away nearly 50 pounds to the massive German, Cole challenges him to an opening test of strength. It takes nearly two minutes of grinding and flexing to settle the score. Karl leans in hard, leveraging his height advantage and letting gravity bear down onto Cole's vein-popping muscles. But shockingly, it's the prime beef of the BG East badass Cole that finally drives the German to his knees in disbelief. "Not bad for a beginner," the German growls with his thick, east of the Wall accent, "for a small guy like you."

"Well, I'm definitely not a beginner," Cole snaps, not taking kindly to being patronized. The wrestling breaks out like artillery fire, slamming to the mat and pounding into one another viciously. Cole's extensive shoot training rocks the German hard, ripping apart the quickly sweat soaked beast with brutal arm bars and tendon snapping ankle holds. When Karl defies his commands to submit to rib crushing bodyscissors, Cole doubles down with brutal strikes to his chest, knocking the air out of his lungs violently. Cole's fans will recognize that lip-curling satisfaction on his face when he's riding rough shod over a panicked opponent.

It's a whole different look entirely to the shock on Cole's face when Karl suddenly climbs to his feet with Cole's legs still clamped across his chest. The German holds him in mid air, and then violently suplexes the MMA fighter overhead. The impact looks like it may have knocked Cole out for a split second. At the very least, he's sucking on air, jaw hanging open in shock. Karl folds him up, with Cole's ankles pinned to the mat next to his head, and sits on his face! "Come on, boy, lick my ass!" Karl revels in humiliating the once mighty muscleman.

It's no exaggeration to say that this was one of the most vicious, high impact, no holds barred muscle bashing matches in BG East history. Battering punches and wrenching chokeholds mark time in this high stakes international chess match. No one is going down without bare knuckled, ball bashing brutality swinging for the fences. Overwhelming power pitted against superhuman conditioning soak the mats with sweat and drag these two attached to each other's throats to the very edge of human endurance. The winner won't be satisfied until he's knocked his opponent out cold and flexed his way through a 10 count, but you'll be on the edge of your seats every step of the way to the brutal, bitter end.

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Cole rolls his opponent up for a tight, neck-cranking pinfall

Cole rocks his opponent on the mat with a reverse bodyscissors, rear naked choke combo

Karl pulls cries from Cole as he clamps down with a tight headscissors

With his opponent rocking him back in a boston crab, is Cole near his breaking point?

Cole nurses his aching bulge as his opponent looms overhead, taunting

Cole's chiseled physique stretched out across Karl's shoulders in a torture rack

Karl Volk: 6'1, 210

The two studs battle for dominance with a test of strength

Cole flexes as he cranks back in a neck cranking camel clutch

Constricting quads control Cole's mohawked foe with a bodyscissors

Karl controls Cole's powerful body on the mats

Cole and Karl work a mutual, 69 headscissors

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