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  Lauden Sevior vs. Ray Naylor  

Lauden: 5'8, 128 lbs

Little Lauden works a surprisingly powerful bodyscissors

Naylor works his legs to devastating effect on the longhaired latino

With his little foe immobilzied and rolled up, Ray lays down a humiliating spank

Insult-injury: Ray pony rides a grovelling Lauden as he chokes him with his own gear

Ray controls Lauden in a standing headscissors

Pulsion de Muerte!

Lauden Sevior has a death wish. That seems like the only possible explanation for why he keeps coming back after the hardcore mauling he suffers every time he's steps onto the BG East mats. The Puerto Rican dancer is graceful and delicate, looking much more like he belongs on a shelf (or a pole) than in an underground shoot match. It is true that with each and every outing, Lauden learns something new. He shows up tougher and more aggressive every time. But then his opponents latch on to those luxuriously long locks and absolutely crush this pretty boy butterfly underfoot. Someone with a shred of human decency would protect Lauden from himself and refuse to book another match. The Boss, of course, was more than happy to sign the lemming up for another date with terror.

If anyone can talk a little sense into Lauden, perhaps it is part Puerto Rican stud Ray Naylor. As they arrive in the mat room, Ray is giving Lauden an earful of taunts and warnings in Spanish. The threats and insults only inspire Lauden to charge headfirst into defending his machismo honor. A second and a half later, he's flat on his back, ripped in half in a nasty spladle, and choked with his opponent's bare hands!

Ray isn't the first wrestler to delight in bullying the lovely, lithe Lauden. He barely weighs a dollar and a quarter, so lifting and slamming his hot little body repeatedly requires little effort on Ray's part. Ray is deadly dangerous against the best opponent, so watching him stomp Lauden's face into the mat and drag the whimpering chico around by his sweat drenched hair has an air of inevitability about it.

Ray bears down like a hurricane all over his opponent's battered body. He uses Lauden's singlet straps to strangle him. He hoists him up and breaks him across his knee, pinning him there while the trapped angel screams. "Are you a sensitive little girl?" Ray taunts, nearly ripping Lauden's nipples off and then clawing at his balls until the dancer begs for mercy. The violence is magnificently gratuitous. Ray doesn't have to snap Lauden up in an inverted reverse bearhug and headbutt the pretty boy's balls. He's just happy to go that extra mile for the fans.

The depraved, bilingual brutality is shocking even by our standards. And perhaps there's some tough love underpinning the horror story played out all over Lauden's writhing body. If ever there were a breakable jobber less suited to the high stakes world of homoerotic wrestling, it's got to be Lauden. So perhaps, just maybe, when Ray strips them both down to drenched jock straps and mounts his bewildered opponent's ass, he's just trying to warn the defenseless beauty away from ever returning.

Then again, when Ray sits up and that monstrously huge package of his is bouncing and writhing in his pouch, his motivations seem much simpler. "Do you like dirty talking?" Ray asks, sliding forward into a schoolboy pin. "You're getting me so hard!" Smothering Lauden's entire face with the basketball in his pouch, Ray's eyes roll into the back of his head. "Come on, kiss that dick, princesa!" he commands. Sliding forward farther, he sits on Lauden's face and gasps in ecstasy. "Lick my fine Puerto Rican ass!"

Lauden is dragged kicking and screaming into his most depraved, terrifying, vulnerable match yet, which is saying a lot. In Spanish, in English, it doesn't matter how he screams and begs, how he submits and pleads for mercy, because Ray is determined to drive him past the point of despair and claim that tight, taught dancer's ass like no one has ever done before. These wrestlers aren't the only ones who will need a towel after this sweat-filled, humiliating mat destruction.

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Ray's sweat-soaked pecs swell as he scalps Lauden

Lauden held aloft only by Ray's powerful underhook

Ray poses victoriously, his broken prey handcuffed with the hunter's gear

"Lick my fine Puerto Rican ass!" a victorious Ray snarls

Lauden tries to squirm his way free of the ever-constricting bearhug

Ray stretches the lean Latino lovely out in punishing over the knee backbreaker

Ray Naylor: 5'9, 150

Lauden grabs a singlet strap and lays into his bigger opponent

Ray has had enough as he slaps on a blatant choke from schoolboy position

Ray painfully wedgies and crotchpulls Lauden

"Kiss that fine dick, princesa!" demands Ray from top position in a schoolboy

A tight figure four leg lock from Ray's sinewy legs may spell the end of the Seviour

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