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  Lazlo Kohl vs. Biff Farrell

Lazlo Kohl: 5'8, 185

Biff throws up a beautiful bicep flex for the older heel stud

A herculean effort as Biff military presses heelstud Lazlo overhead

Dragging Biff's broken bod around, Lazlo lifts a battering boot to his ribs

Biff sucks down the pain and flexes to fight Lazlo's full nelson

Lazlo bends Biff over backwards with a kneeling hangman hold

Made for Each Other

Biff returns for his tenth BG East match, facing newcomer Lazlo, fresh from his recent debut on Masked Destroyers 1. These two wrestlers are closely matched, though they look made for each other, in an iceberg/Titanic sense of the phrase, and this is great news for the fans who have been begging for Biff to take on more wrestlers in his own weight and muscle class. After his repeated beatings at the hands of more experienced foes, fans who have been waiting for Biff to turn heel and start kicking some ass may find the wait is longer than they like: rookie antagonist Lazlo enters the ring with all the heel trappings that signal a rough time for hot and hunky studstar.

For starters, Lazlo headlocks Biff in the middle of a muscle pose! Biff recovers, using that muscle to thrust free and perch Lazlo atop the turnbuckle like a bowling trophy. Then Biff headlocks Lazlo and hip-tosses him to the mat and lifts him back up on his feet without breaking the hold or loosening it to any noticeable degree. With effort, Lazlo eventually busts loose of the hold and busts loose all over Biff's buff body, too. The match offers excellent back and forth aggression, Biff clearly ready to prove himself capable of finally winning a ring match. Lazlo brings a level of viciousness to the fight that Biff, for all his marvelous assets, simply does not rise to.

Biff is more confident down on the mat, where fair play is still regarded as the norm, though not without occasional displays of underhandedness! You don't find wrestlers more clean-cut, square jawed, and all-American than Biff. Many of his faithful fans regard him as the company's token Captain America among a multitude of badasses. Biff shines most brightly in a fair fight. In Ripped Rookies 2: Backyard Battle, we saw him in his natural element: the bright outdoors, a mat, a robustly competitive wrestling contest with a similarly wholesome boy-next-door roughneck. Sadly, so far that's been a one-shot for Farrell.

Newcomer Lazlo is nonchalantly contemptuous of his opponent. He pushes Biff to the limits of endurance and pain, daring him to try to do something about it. Biff is game, no doubt about it, but he's reluctant to go all-out, cut-throat, balls to the wall, in the way that BG East success stories are usually made! Biff is genuinely determined to defeat Lazlo -- but what wins matches here is hurting and humiliating one's opponent! Lazlo intuitively knows and understands this fact, even revels in it. Lazlo goes for the pain more than the win, employing piledrivers and headscissors, stomps and chinlocks, for the sheer fun of it! It's a rampant assault on Biff's body and will power. The words mercy and restraint are alien to Lazlo's vocabulary.

Like the best heels, Lazlo doesn't see a submission or a pin fall as a reason to stop working his opponent, and against Biff he won't stop until he's knocked the guy out. Biff, by contrast, still uses force in a measured way to get the results he wants. But things don't work that way at BG East, where a successful wrestler savors his opponent's pain for its own sake and seeks ever more ingenious ways of demeaning the guy. With this mindset comes victory, as the likes of Guido Genatto, Jonny Firestorm, Brooklyn Bodywrecker, Kid Vicious, and Kid Leopard have amply illustrated over the years. If you can't find some measure of satisfaction and joy in making the other guy miserable, you won't go far in the BGE ring. That's a lesson Biff had better learn, and fast!

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Lazlo corners and pounds the buffed beach stud into the turnbuckles

Lazlo does push ups over the pumped prettyboy pinup

Lazlo's muscles coil tight and sap the fight from beefy Biff with a dragon/bodyscissor combo

Beautiful Biff bent in an over the knee backbreaker

A tight dragon sleeper continues to work Biff's tortured spine

Biff's buff bod breaks down in a vicious torture rack

Biff Farrell: 5'7, 187

Biff bears down with a tight side headlock on his evenly matched opponent

Flexing mightily, Biff tries to stave off the kneeling surfboard

Locked down tight, Lazlo leans back with a hard camel clutch variation

Biff looks ready to submit as his back is bent and broken in a boston variation

Biff covers up his weakening muscles as Lazlo kicks the shit out of him!

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