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  Viggo vs. Ronaldo  

Viggo: 6'0, 190

Viggo works and wrecks his evenly matched opponent in a torturous abstretch

Viggo poses and preens with a double bicep flex over the kneeling, outmatched Ronaldo

Viggo's power on perfect display as he two-hand chokes the debuting stud

Ronaldo in serious trouble as he's paraded about the ring in a torture rack

A vicious Viggo shows utter contempt with a boot choking, double-bicep flex

Mean Time

Viggo returns for his second BG East match, tanned and rested and ready to brawl. He takes on a debuting Ronaldo, a hot-bodied wrestler similar in size and build to Viggo, but lacking Viggo's experience and ring savvy. Ronaldo is alone in the ring, flexing and practicing his fight face, psyching himself up for his first BG East contest. It's clear he's in love with his muscles, and his pride and eagerness are infectious. But where's Viggo? After a few minutes, the rookie stops and looks around, a puzzled look on his face. Tentatively he leaves the ring and pokes his head out the passageway. Viggo springs out of nowhere and plasters young Ronaldo to the wall. He chokes the kid, hard, and then brusquely hurls him back into the squared circle.

Viggo has evidently been beefing up on his heel skills for his second BG East match, not that there was anything shabby about his ass-kicking of stunner Felix Raya in Ring Hunks 3. What he wants, he takes! Not giving one flying fuck what anybody thinks of his ruthless tactics. Anybody who enters the ring with Viggo had better realize that his balls are now on the line. Viggo's vigorous whupping of an underprepared Raya proved he's the type of wrestler who cares nothing for honest competition: he just wants guys he can beat up. Ronaldo was the perfect victim: falling for the stalling ploy right from the get-go.

In the ring Viggo pummels Ronaldo against the turnbuckle, driving his shoulder to the new kid's well-defined abs again and again; with a strenuous body scissors demonstrating just how devastating this hold can be when steely thighs like Viggo's pinch the waist. A claw hold to the stomach makes Ronaldo squirm like a worm on an anthill. Viggo observes the rookie's terrorized grimace with savage glee. Torturous body stretches seem designed to drain the rookie's strength and will to fight back. Viggo follows them up with muscle-tenderizing jabs and stomps. His take on Ronaldo is that he's "not much of a challenge," but he doesn't appear the least bit disappointed, challenge not being something at the top of this heel's list. A pushover, ripe for bruising, is exactly what Viggo wants.

Viggo hardly flinches when Ronaldo retaliates with what look like solid ab punches. Apparently Viggo feels no pain. In this one respect he finds it more blessed to give than receive. In no time it's obvious that the new kid is not ready to face an offense like the one the muscular heel is mounting. He barely survives a boston crab that all but snaps his spine in two. Viggo taunts him, daring him to take a swing at him. All the while, Ronaldo's yelps and groans echo off the walls, yet the handsome young jobber does not want to submit. He is putty in Viggo's hands, so Viggo doesn't seem to mind the wait. The longer Ronaldo holds out, the more time there is to torment him mentally and physically. The heel is confident that the youngster will tap out in the end, and in the meantime -- truly, viciously mean time! -- he's in no hurry to stop crippling his beautiful but doomed opponent!

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Ronaldo's tree trunk thighs are no help to him as Viggo's own formidable quads clamp tight

Friends don't let friends skip leg day: Viggo squats with Ronaldo's body weight

Viggo vandalizes the picture perfect abs with a nasty, rip-and-tear ab claw

Ronaldo's ripped muscles helpless in an over-the-rope arched reverse chinlock

Ronaldo's broad back brought crashing down in an over-the-knee backbreaker

Viggo simultaneously pounds and claws the perfect pecs of Ronaldo

Ronaldo: 6'0, 190

Viggo's heel skill #1: A hair pull on the adonis

Viggo's pecs pop powerfully as he leans back with a standing boston

Ronaldo appears not long for this contest as he wilts in the strength-sapping sleeper

Viggo snaps Ronaldo off the mat from behind with a reverse bearhug

Ronaldo stretches out in agony as a reverse bearhug crushes his ribcage

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