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  Payton Meadows vs. Van Skyler  

Van Skyler: 5'8, 185

Van weakens the living Ken doll's neck with a side headlock

Van wails in agony as his thick muscled legs are split, his crotch torn wide open

Fantasymen bulges grind together as Van's muscled back breaks down in the bearhug

Payton carries his bigger opponent off the mat in a rib-crushing bearhug

Van stretches out that magnificently muscled bod with a backbreaking camel clutch

Pain is just weakness leaving the body!

Van Skyler calls himself BG East's new It-Boy. His bedroom eyes and lush, full lips perfectly accessorize his flawless physique. In wrestling competition thus far, opponents have spanked hard his perfectly round glutes, but despite that fact (or because of it), fans have clamored to see this once-in-a-generation fantasyman in action again, working up a sweat, pumping those monumental muscles, and striving to make good on all that his magnificently built body promises.

Living Ken doll Payton Meadows has another name for Van: the pretender. The self-proclaimed King of the North has let it be known loud and clear that he considers Van "l'histoire ancienne." Payton's thick head of hair and boyish face top off what can only be described as a perfect physique. His immaculate, golden complexion and classic proportions are ripped from a vintage bodybuilding rag. Payton's path to ascending the throne as BG East's reigning fan-favorite fantasyman leads directly through Van's impeccable muscles.

The battle of the coverboys starts the only way it could, with a fantasy physique posedown. They both instantly strip to bulge-accentuating designer briefs, naturally in order to display their mouthwatering muscles for comparison. Payton adamantly refuses to concede that Van's biceps are bigger. "No way," he snarls with his sexy Quebecois accent, "not a chance." Determined to wring the concession from him by force, Van attacks from behind with a neck popping full nelson. Cocking those Canadian guns, Payton neutralizes his opponent's early advantage with brute force. These two aren't only perfectly matched in beauty. They are equally strong, determined, and ambitious.

The magnificent muscle feast these raging coverboys set for you is even more enjoyable when they rip each other's briefs off. Van's minuscule red thong shows off the meaty, round cheeks. Not to be outdone, Payton's gorgeous yellow jock strap leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination as his ass stretches and flexes in the heat of competition.

The razor thin wrestling advantage seems to teeter Van's way as he starts to build momentum. With face-to-crotch headscissors he repeatedly demands for Payton to cede his claim to the title. But the colorful Quebecker unleashes a wry, cynical, smart ass sense of humor that repeatedly frustrates the raging bull bearing down on him. "You like that smell of sweat? You give yet?" Van taunts on top of a schoolboy pin, smothering Payton's face with his bulging pouch. Suddenly inhaling deeply, Payton growls back, "I kind of love it!"

The tables turn when Payton viciously racks Van between the legs and stunningly picks him up of his feet and pins the screeching muscleboy to the wall by his balls. "Pain is not mandatory," Payton calmly lectures his opponent. "You should just give up."

A sleeper finisher finally silences one magnificent muscle boy's claims of superiority. But the battle over which fantasy physique drives more fans wild is only now reaching a fevered pitch. Check out every peerless inch of these spectacular specimens and decide for yourself which rookie is the g-stringed fantasyman to beat.

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Payton Meadows vs. Van Skyler
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Van traps and paws at Payton's packed muscled bod

Payton's power-packed body arches painfully in a grounded surfboard

Payton's luscious muscled bod wriggles on the mat in a constricting figure four headscissors

Van delighted in domination as he works a punishing boston variation

Payton's thick head of hair serves as a handle as he's smothered in Van's packed pouch

The Canadian prettyboy pinned with victorious Van's schoolboy

Payton Meadows: 5'9, 175

Payton's thickly muscled body arches back as he's worked in a rear naked choke

Van turns disadvantage around as he works a suspended headscissors

Legs split wide, Meadows bulge proves ample target for the skinhead heel

Payton goes for Van's bulge in a desperate bid to escape the powerful choke

A vicious choke from Van brings Payton's pretty form sleepily to his knees

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