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  Christian Taylor vs. Jeremy Burk

Jeremy Burke: 5'8, 140

Jeremy rocks back in a back-bending camel clutch on his taller foe

Jeremy works his control over his lanky opponent with a neck-cranking rollup spladle

Desperation overtakes finesse as Christian works a haphazard boston crab

Christian edges Jeremy out in points with an over-the-knee backbreaker

Jeremy's lean legs clamp tight in a bodyscissor, choke combo

A "Little Dude" and his date with destiny

In their early days at BG East, Jeremy Burk and Christian Taylor took an instant dislike to each other. Jeremy didn't appreciate Christian's way of lording over him, standing a half a foot taller, tauntingly referring to him only as "little dude." Christian, on the other hand, was irked to no end by Jeremy's constant boasting about his wrestling prowess, despite getting his sweet ass handed to him time after time. There's arrogance, but then there's hollow boasting. Christian placed this "pipsqueak" in the category of outright delusional.

Typical trash talk rivalry and back channel bitterness finally spills out into one of the most intense grudge matches to hit the BG East mat room. Face to face, half undressed in the locker room one afternoon, words come to blows, and both fierce competitors further drop trou and commandeer the mat room to size up egos and to finally stop, once and for all, just one of these ambitious studs from running his mouth any longer.

The burner is turned up to high from the start, as vicious submission holds are used to threaten to cripple one another. Not two minutes into the action, Christian adds a sickening twist on a single leg crab that makes the smaller wrestler choke on the agony. "Do you want me to break it before you submit?" Christian asks, as if either option is equally acceptable to him. Jeremy submits.

Pumped up on adrenaline and downright distaste for one another, there are precious few breathers as one submission bleeds seamlessly into the next. Christian's weight and reach advantage keep tying Jeremy up tight, but this little dude has a whole lot more going for him than a sensationally hot ass. When he snaps his deceptively punishing thighs around Christian's head and ratchets up a shoulder snapping hammerlock, he drives home his message loud and clear with a sharp, cracking slap to his opponent's vulnerable ass. "So what are you going to do now?"

The furious tally of submissions pile up fast. Neck-snapping camel clutches and groin-tearing spladles earn solid scores in Jeremy's column, but a pounding over-the-knee backbreaker and a super long, luscious, rag doll bear hug put Christian at the head of the arms race. The bitterness piles up even faster, as a dark glee at hearing each other scream and beg makes them momentarily lose count of mere points.

In the end, one snarling stud absolutely owns the battle for the most submissions, but it's his enraged opponent who scores the final, decisive, starkly humiliating submission from which there's no return. You might think that a cliffhanger split decision like this would only infuriate these sweat soaked rivals that much more. But when they collapse into passionate making out, stroking each other's bruised bodies, squeezing each other's asses possessively, they reveal what was at the heart of this bitter rivalry all along. Primal lust.

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Christian Taylor vs. Jeremy Burk
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The sexual tension breaks as the grapplers finally lock lips

Christian contorts and stretches, bending to Burk's will

Jeremy grounded with a tight, seated leg nelson

A toehold and double hammerlock brings the smaller scrapper to heel

Jeremy breathes heavy as he tries to arch free of the leg nelson

Jeremy brings down the titan with a simultaneous headscissor, hammerlock

Christian Taylor: 6'2, 170

The "pipsqueak" humiliates the prettyboy with a cock-grabbing headscissors

Christian gets up close and personal with a faceful of the "little dude"

Christian wails in agony as Burk splits his crotch wide open with a spladle

The lean, lanky prettyboy suffers in a full nelson, figure four bodyscissors

Christian adds insult to injury with a wedgie pull in the bearhug

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