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  Skrapper vs. Chip Chang

Skrapper: 5'10, 145

Skrapper sizes up his muscular Asian opponent, testing his abs

Chip cries out in pain as Skrapper works and wrecks his muscled bod

Chip gets a humbling faceful of his opponent's bulge in a schoolboy pin

Chip poses and preens over the smaller muscle crusher

Skrapper displays no respect as he stretches and grinds the musclestud under his knee

'You're scared, aren't you?"

Chip Chang loves his body for good reason. His aesthetics are stunning. His proportions are magnificent. He built those thick, broad pecs and ripped abs one painstaking inch at a time. His massive quads are each nearly as big around as his waist. But all of his dazzling beauty and muscle earned him nothing but a humiliating beatdown in his first match at BG East. Despite his audacious boasts about his wrestling credentials, his pretty, pumped physique was nothing but wasted when he got his first taste of BGE competition.

You have to hand it to him, though. He's not a quitter. Since mat wrestling quite clearly was not his thing, Chip insisted that his heart and soul were really in the pro wrestling ring all along. The ring spotlights his classic physique, he told us. The highflying, vertical element of the ring suits his cat-like reflexes and superhuman sense of balance, so he said. Just serve up some fellow ring novice, Chip insisted, and he'd reveal the devastatingly dominant pro wrestler he was born to be.

Skrapper is one of the most dominant mat forces in BG East history, but true enough, he's had next-to-no ring experience. What he has done, though, is rip apart opponents nearly twice his size with raw, unvarnished, primal viciousness. Anyone with a passing familiarity with his wrestling resume knows that Skrapper is seriously dangerous on his worst day, and absolutely unstoppable on his best. Chip, however, was too busy practicing his side chest pose to bother looking up Skrapper's profile.

Skrapper instantly starts bullying his shorter opponent, leering down his nose as he shoves his lean chest into Chip's meaty pecs. The muscleboy tries to stand his ground, but Skrapper shoves him off balance, instantly getting right back up in his face and towering overhead. "Are you going to look at me!" Skrapper barks, noting that Chip seems unable to meet his gaze. "You're scared, aren't you?" he chuckles. Skrapper getting a whiff of the scent of fear is always a dangerous thing.

Taking the bull by the horns, Skrapper shoots first, cranking a grinding side headlock before effortlessly thwarting Chip's "superhuman balance" and pounding the muscleboy to his back. Off their feet, this is entirely in Skrapper's wheelhouse, working a blindingly quick series of debilitating holds that put Chip's magnificent muscle ass deeper and deeper into jeopardy. However, putting the muscleboy down is one thing. Keeping him there is another. Chip's bulging biceps are for a lot more than photo shoots, as he persistently escapes the tenacious bulldog on his tail with brute force.

Skrapper's Achilles heel, however, may very well be Chip's silver bullet. Having his way with the muscleboy is clearly turning Skrapper on. His open appreciation of Chip's hot body is precisely the dazzling distraction Chip has been counting on to ride this wrestling train to glory. A double handed ball throttling places Chip squarely in the driver's seat. His choice to schoolboy pin Skrapper and cock pin his gaping, hungry mouth places Skrapper in the extremely unusual position of being blatantly, sexually, dominated! All of Chip's overblown estimation of his destiny with wrestling greatness suddenly appears not so far fetched after all.

Soaked in sweat and stripped to undagear, the sprint to the finish is brutal and decisive. Long lingering face-to-crotch headscissors grind home the point that this pro match is all about erotic domination. One shocked wrestler not only submits. He obeys. He snaps to attention when called. He does his new master's bidding having been beaten in body and soul.

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Skrapper vs. Chip Chang
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Chip stretched out and wasted as Skrapper works a tight headscissors

Chip grinds the crotch Skrapper's been lusting over in his face with a cockpin

Skrapper rolls the hapless muscle jobber over in a headscissors

Chip wilts as Skrapper sinks his claws into those tanned meaty pecs

Chip presses his advantage as he continues to smother Skrapper with his bulge

Chip's hot glutes endure a thoroughly humiliating spanking from his lighter foe

Chip Chang: 5'7, 150

Skrapper in familiar territory as he works the muscleboy in a tight rear naked choke

Chip tests his luck as he shoves back as his taller opponent closes in

Skrapper in the driver's seats as he works a headscissors and backbreaking scorpion hold

With the tightly muscled Asian bound in the ropes, Skrapper works a cockhug

With Chip bound in the ropes, Skrapper continues to rip and tear at his mouthwatering pecs

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