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  Kirk Donahue vs. Carter Alexander

Carter Alexander: 6'2, 188

Raw power races through Kirk's veins as he flattens Carter into the mats

Carter carts Kirk around the open-air arena in a brutal bearhug

Kirk fights valiantly against the pain in the pulverizing bearhug

Carter bound and determined to break Kirk's muscled body down in a reverse bearhug

Asserting his position as top dog, Carter flexes that hot alpha bicep in the prettyboy's face

Show Me Something!

Having already proved he is tops at submission wrestling with surprising alpha-dog turns against Jake Jenkins and Kid Karisma, themselves slouches in NO sense of the word, Carter Alexander is cranking out attitude in his latest: a pair of killer shades, an almond-butter tan, Gyllenhaal scruff, and a purple Speedo, his props. He sets his sights on paleface Kirk Donahue, whom he figures for a pushover, an after-dinner mint after his previous brawl-hauls against Jake and Kid K. Kirk, however, is having none of it. "You think you're so tough, huh?" Kirk is fearless and frankly tired of BG East using him as chum for the mat sharks. Carter squints, glances down at the ground, and replies in his best bad-ass drawl, "I don't 'think.' I know I'm tough." After an exchange of insults, the wrestlers circle in on each other. Two hot dudes settling a score in the backyard!

Almost effortlessly, Carter overpowers Kirk in an initiatory test of strength, driving the freckled fighter down to one knee. He exults in his ability to bend the wrists back till the knuckles almost touch the skin of Kirk's forearm. Donahue is agonized but still determined to resist. Alexander doesn't need to go for the low blows. He has proved as much in his first two matches. He's got the muscle and prowess to win this one fair and square. But he's wearing his heel-boy britches today, and he gets a kick out of making Kirk flinch. And who among us would deny the guy the pleasure of slamming his forearm to Kirk's taut abdominals again and again and again? Carter is itching for an unsportsmanlike fight, and he eggs Kirk on, hoping that tempers will flare. He senses that the "little man" can be a hothead if pushed too far and deliberately stokes the man's wrath. BG East is nothing if not a venue for test-driving your nards like this in an all-out take-no-prisoners brawl.

It doesn't take long to make Kirk's blood boil. Climbing on top of Carter, eyes flashing, nostrils flaring, Kirk has never felt more alive. It's never easy to take down a strong opponent like Alexander, but nothing in life is more satisfying than pinning a big bully down on his back and giving him a double dose of his own medicine! Carter's face goes two shades redder and his face is all grimace. He fights back, but Donahue's on a roll. Kirk rides his taller adversary like a bronco-buster with a combination of blows, schoolboy pins, and spine-wrenches. Check out those shiny chartreuse wrestling trunks! The guy is hard as a hammer as he wrestles Carter halfway off the mats and onto the prickly grass. He looks irresistibly heroic as he squats on Alexander's butt, hikes up one leg painfully up in a crab hold, and rears back till his shoulders brush against his opponent's.

The first half of this fight is give and take, with the brutality escalating at each turn. Then Carter appears to gain unmitigated control of the situation. If it was part of his plan to fire Kirk up to get the fierce fight he had been itching for, his endgame was to kick the bejesus out of the hothead and scrub the mats with his freckled carcass. Alexander showcases his big-man advantage with a series of assaults maximized by his height and weight advantage: bearhugs, full nelsons, and torture racks, executed with lionlike ferocity. He alternates these with true-to-form BGE-style humiliations, both verbal and physical, and gratuitous bodily injury, on the mat and on the lawn. The question is whether Kirk can rally in the closing minutes and knock the big bully down a peg or two. Or, conversely, will Carter's size, strength, and knowhow wear Donahue down to a greasy smudge? All we'll say is, in the end, one man is writhing on his back, crushed beyond repair, while the victor swaggers back to the house. Only at BG East ...

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A test of strength favors Carter as he bends his opponent in a painful Matrix-style arch

Carter fights back ineffectually as Kirk's lightning quick fists break down his solid six-pack

Kirk awash in pain is forced to submit and admire the cocky heel's peaked bicep in a grounded side h

Carter screams in agony as Kirk tears and digs deep into the prized midsection

Kirk's lean, lithe body carried about across Carter's broad shoulders in a celebratory torture rack

Trussed up like a Christmas turkey, Kirk has nowhere to go in this neck-cranking full nelson

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 160

Kirk suffers and sells sexily in chiseled Carter's crippling camel clutch

A standing surfboard has suffering Kirk's spine bending precariously

Alpha male Carter roars in victory as he tortures the pretty boy with a boston crab

Kirk can't possibly handle much more as his shredded opponent sits deeper in the crab

Kirk's crunched core crushed under Carter's bare foot stomp

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