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  Chace LaChance vs. Kid Karisma

Chace LaChance: 5'10, 180

Kid K bears down in a powerful, punishing, muscle-shredding pec claw

The Karismatic One lays wasted and humbled and paws ineffectually at Chace's victory pose

KK suffers and screams as Chace tears away at his thick, square pecs

Battle of the glutes: 'ass-of-the-year' Karisma lays on the pressure in a spine-wrecking boston crab

Mighty Mouse! KK hams it up for the camera in a humbling double-bi flexing schoolboy pin

Mutual Assured Destruction

Kid Karisma has it all. When he wrestles, he flat-out wrestles, taking and giving the hard bumps, seemingly impervious to pain or caution, spontaneous in his moves, fearless in his confrontations. He's one of a handful of wrestlers in the whole underground wrestling world who knows how to knock a sucker out! Kid K keeps it REAL. We have never seen this guy "phone in" a match, and it's unlikely we ever will. One of the most dependable bad boys in the business, he wrestles exclusively at BG East, we're proud to say. Add to all this his style and showmanship. Nobody but nobody matches him for swagger. No mouth spouts trashier smack. And let's not forget his butt, which has taken fan-favorite prizes for years: its bounce is said to cure erectile dysfunction, and in 2016 he won in the category of year's "Best Body."

But if there's a wrestler whose popularity with fans and bloggers approaches Karisma's, that wrestler would have to be Chace LaChance, whom BGE fans have practically watched grow up (or SWELL up) on the mats and in the ring. Though, like Kid K, he drives our fans cray-zee with lust, he couldn't be more different in other respects. Over the years, Chace has developed a unique persona based on his killing physique and dry sense of humor. He has taken risks most guys wouldn't dare to contemplate. He's fearless in that respect. His playbook of wrestling holds seems to double annually as he's progressed from being a bodybuilder-who-sometimes-wrestles to a fulltime bodybuilder-slash-wrestler. And to state the obvious, the man is GORGEOUS. He is BG East's own Apollo and winner in "Best Abs" of 2016. Tough to beat, he is impossible to rattle or unnerve. Even when Karisma attacks him while catching some rays and then hurls him onto the mat for an impromptu jockstrap fight, LaChance is unflappable, seemingly prepared for anything, anytime.

Even caught off guard, Chace puts up more fight than Kid K expected. "Not bad," Karisma has to admit, barely a minute into the mat. But LaChance's capability as a wrestler doubles Karisma's determination to take the man down. Kid K plays no role better than that of giant-killer. He's built a career of humbling taller, heavier, swoler dudes. And most of them don't even know what hit them. There's a standout moment towards the beginning of this match, when Karisma straddles Chace's chest, pinning his wrists to the mat and locking the bodybuilder's legs in his own. Chace grunts and writhes in pain, and Karisma takes a second to pop his biceps for the cameraman. "What an asshole!" Chace croaks out, unmistakably impressed in spite of himself by the balls on this heel. That's Kid Karisma all over. Even as he kicks your butt, you have to give him his due: the guy knows how to get the job (or jobber) done!

There's enough give and take in this fast-paced 33-minute brawl to make it a nail-biter. Though Kid K is arguably the personification of alpha-maleness, LaChance knows a thing or two about endurance ... and payback. The two of them take turns punishing and humiliating the other, exhausting themselves in the process. The scissors, crab holds, camel clutches, full nelson stretches, pec grips, headlocks, hair-pulling, and closed-fist punches keep coming, practically on the heels of each other. By the end, these guys are, as the saying goes, fighting on instincts alone. The battle peaks with a sweaty-crotch-to-the-face final count that will have most viewers licking their chops. But when it's over, the camera lingers on both battlers facedown, barely if at all conscious, one in the grass, the other on the mat. Chace and Kid K don't save an ounce of energy in their bid for mutual assured destruction.

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Chace gets a front row seat to a show most would kill for...but he pays for it

Even flat on his back Kid K fights back with a heel to Chace's power-packed pecs

Karisma's quads pulse with power as he drives a stomp into his opponent's pecs

Kid K works over the bodybuilder's groin muscles in a humiliating, posed split spladle variation

Chace arches desperately in a failed attempt to escape the full nelson bodyscissors combo

Karisma pushes up off the mat and pours on the pressure with a reverse headscissors

Kid Karisma: 5'9, 175

Karisma drops a hard knee across Chace's chiseled core

Chace suffers beautifully as the Kid lays waste to his muscled midsection with stomp after stomp

The Kid Triumphant: Karisma stands tall as his opponent kneels, head trapped between his quads

The Karismatic One makes this look easy with a casual bicep flex break in the camel clutch

Karisma fixes his hair as Chace grovels, soothing his wounded pride

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