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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor: 6'2, 175

Jonny bends Christian's long, lean form in a suspended bow-and-arrow

Christian's lean, smooth body stretches out as he crushes hairy heel Jonny in a headscissors

Christian's back bends torturously in Jonny's OTK backbreaker

Burly, beefy Jonny stretches Taylor out with a hair-pulling bow and arrow variation

Jonny puts King Twink on his knees in subjugation

Who's the Man?

Christian Taylor's twink years are behind him. Once the crown prince of twinks (he's the Taylor in Taylor's Twinks), today Christian seeks bigger challenges, in a bid for a place at the table among the BG East big shots. He sets his sights on Jonny Firestorm, the company's legend-in-residence. It's a ploy that could make his career or wreck it. The unsanctioned match is all Christian's doing. He pretends to mistake Jonny for the houseboy, ordering him to clean the wrestling mats in the backyard. Jonny, stung but cool-headed, agrees to clean them up ... with Christian. Both men up for a brawl, the match starts immediately. Nobody (except maybe Christian) is surprised that Jonny gets the first takedown, more than a takedown since Christian is seemingly incapacitated, bound tight in Jonny's arms and legs. This is just a minute into the match, or less. With great effort, Christian escapes and reverses, derisively (and precipitously) rubbing Firestorm's nose into the mat.

Christian is obviously shooting for a breakthrough with this fight. Tall, slim, and handsome, he has loads of fans, which means there's a ton of positive psychic energy potentially buoying him up. He has also proved himself on numerous occasions to be a worthy adversary, though rarely worthy enough to be victorious. The guy certainly has guts. In the past he hasn't flinched from taking on some tough customers, notably Skrapper, Ethan Axel Andrews, and Jake Jenkins. Again, the results would not suggest that Christian is ready for the big time. But upsets do happen now and then, and in the past Firestorm has been defeated and more than once. But Christian really hasn't yet faced an opponent like Firestorm, not just a maestro of submission holds but, when the moon is full, a brute. Sure, Taylor took on Morgan Cruise. Correction: He and Skip Vance together took on Morgan Cruise ... and lost, lost so hard it's lucky they survived the ordeal, though barely.

That said, doubters may be surprised how well Christian performs in this match. For the first third, he and Jonny wrestle in cargo shorts, each one forcing an urgent submission from the other. Through this, we see that both men are not only amazingly limber and resilient but also much better matched than we at first expected. The give and take is grueling and fast paced. The holds are classic, simple but effective: scissors, arm and leg locks, escalating to the stomach claw and, when at last Jonny strips off his T-shirt, a choke, using the shirt as a tourniquet. When the shorts come off, they wrestle in underwear, and Jonny begins to reveal the beast that is never far from the surface with him. Incredibly capable in the fine arts of punishment and humiliation, Jonny submits Christian a second time right at the match's midpoint.

Suddenly, seconds after his second submission, with a surprising surge in spirit and energy, Christian springs up and snaps Jonny into a rear naked choke. "Who's the man?" he asks. Jonny is turning blue in the face, his eyes watery, his body tingling as it goes numb in Taylor's grip. In a barely audible voice, Jonny submits. Christian declines to release the choke. He demands that Jonny repeat his submission. Past this point, the match reaches a new level of intensity. The assaults are more savage. These guys are out to destroy each other. Only in the final minutes, when the brawl spills off the mats and onto the lawn is it possible to guess where this match is heading. It's a wild, daredevil ride to the finish, which leaves one man knocked out, and even the victor is barely able to stagger away on his own two feet. This is a redefining match for Christian Taylor, and a reaffirmation that, win or lose, Jonny Firestorm is a sure bet for jaw-dropping wrestling drama.

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"Who's the man?!" Christian demands respect and submission from Jonny

The crown prince of twinks lays the crown prince of heels to rest with a tight rear-naked choke

Christian forces his opponent to kiss his own knee in a cradle spladle combo

Firestorm puts Christian through his paces with an armbar variation

Jonny sends yet another overmatched prettyboy to dreamland

Jonny carries the smooth pinup boy across the yard in a torture rack

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 145

Christian snaps his long legs tightly around the muscled gut of Firestorm

Christian leaves the twink mantle behind as he introduces the heel to a world of pain

The prettyboy not so pretty as he's being choked out cold with Jonny's sweaty tee

Christian's succulent sixpack mauled with deep digging ab claw

Jonny controls both heads with a hair pulling crotch claw from behind

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