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  Lauden Sevior vs. Drake Marcos

Lauden Sevior: 5'8, 125

Drake crushes and lifts Lauden with a reverse bearhug

Lauden battles to free himself from the double armbar-bodyscissors combination

Lauden rides Drake's face into the mat with a powerful, neck-cranking nelson

Drake drags the lean long-haird cutie up by his undagear

Drake rarely comes back from these situations as he's flattened in a crotch groping schoolboy

Fanboy Uprising

"It's really amazing to finally meet you!" Lauden Sevior gushes as he steps onto the mat with Drake Marcos. "I'm a big fan, and I've been waiting for a day like this to finally meet you and wrestle!" The long haired Puerto Rican beauty isn't Drake's first fanboy. The grinning grappler has enlisted an army of fans infatuated with watching him pit his impeccable wrestling credentials against his not-so-secret lust for being conquered. Drake's head tells him to use every crippling hold the Boss has personally taught him to destroy an opponent, but his crotch seems to answer to another master whenever an opponent has him under his thumb. It's like getting two matches for the price of one whenever Drake hits the mats. Drake versus his opponent, and Drake versus Drake.

For his part, Lauden has become the company whipping boy. He's undeniably fierce, feeding a constant Latin simmer that rises to a boil the moment someone disrespects him. But a long string of brutal, lopsided defeats against increasingly contemptuous opponents has turned Lauden into a cautionary tale. Flowing locks and a lithe dancer's body can all too easily get a super lightweight wrestler smashed and trashed, whether or not he's sporting a Latin temper.

Mutual appreciation is unfamiliar footing for both Lauden and Drake, and they delight in each other's positive regard. They strip out of their street clothes explicitly for the pleasure of one another. Lauden tugs flirtatiously at the waistband of Drake's baby blue briefs. Drake sincerely compliments Lauden's designer red trunks molded to his sexy petite ass.

Lauden just keeps counting his lucky stars, even as Drake opens the action by muscle bullying him to the mat and squeezing tears from his eyes with Drake's infamously powerful bodyscissors. "Can you get out of it?" Drake asks him, soaking in the sight of Lauden's delicate face twisted in pain. "Why would I!?" Lauden gasps, straddling the exquisitely fine line between agony and ecstasy. Drake plays catch and release, marveling at the ease with which he controls Lauden's body and bends his will to submit on command. "You're a lot easier than I thought you'd be," Drake marvels between falls. "Well, I don't want to hurt my favorite wrestler," Lauden grins slyly, perhaps implying that he's letting Drake win.

That just doesn't sit right with Drake. The unfamiliar thrill of commandingly manhandling an opponent evaporates beneath the suggestion that he hasn't really earned it. No more fun and games, Drake launches a vicious assault, nearly ripping the boy's shoulder of its socket with a hammerlock and smashing his beautiful face into the mat with a fistful of long hair. He rag dolls the fanboy in a bearhug, Lauden's flowing locks flying side to side. Back to the mat, Drake leans way back into a single leg crab, making Lauden's tenor whimpers rise to a contra tenor scream of anguish. "How's that back, princess?" Drake snarls.

Despite what you may have heard, Lauden is no pushover. When the gloves come off, and perhaps motivated just a little by the desire to impress his hero, he uses his long, limber limbs like a twist tie, locking Drake down in full nelson scissors. "You got lucky!" Drake whines, back in that familiar position of getting owned. "Yeah?" Lauden replies, "you're going to see some more of that luck!"

Neither of these wrestlers is accustomed to being in a seriously competitive battle down the homestretch. The drama builds, as Lauden shows what he's learned from the maniacal beatings he's suffered to date, and Drake manages to keep a fragile leash on his libido to showcase the evidence of his outstanding pedigree. One of these perpetually underestimated wrestlers beautifully executes a final series of submissions, wearing his opponent down to an impotent pool of sweat. Bodies grinding together, lips locked in passion, they pause just long enough to agree that on this day, everyone had fun.

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Drake in control with a bodyscissor, hammerlock, headlock combination

Drake dominates from the bottom with a bodyscissor/single arm jap strangle

Lauden takes over as he rides and works an indignant Drake from ontop

Drake in familiar territory with a sexy, sweaty crotch-to-face headscissors from the lusty latino

The lean, long-haired latino hands out some 'business as usual' humiliation to Drake

The competitors surrender to their own desires as they lock lips on the sweat-soaked mats

Drake Marcos: 5'10, 150

Pinning his prey facedown on the mat, Drake climbs on top with a humiliating spank

The Undagear combatants grapple and swipe at each other's faces as they struggle for control

Lauden bulges obscenely as he takes complete control of the jobber extraordinaire with a full nelson

Drake's had enough: he grabs the latino's long locks and claws at his bulge

These sweat soaked liplocks ensure both wrestlers win, in this exchange

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