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  Ben Monaco vs. Morgan Cruise  

Ben Monaco: 5'10, 175

Cruise grinds a prostrated Ben deeper into the canvas with a bulge on the back of his head

The Mastodon mangles Ben's spine with a crippling camel clutch

Morgan delivers a big flying elbow strike to his kneeling foe's trap

A single-leg boston leaves the Canuck's crotch open to abuse from Cruise

Cruise finds himself in uncharted territory as he's rolled up in a crotch-splitting spladle

Feel the Power of the Mastodon!

Morgan "The Mastodon" Cruise swaggers to the ring, wearing a yellow sleeveless hoodie as entrance gear and brandishing a championship belt around his waist. Rugged fan-favorite Ben Monaco has no patience for Morgan's theatrics today; he has already waited 15 or 20 minutes for the guy to show up. Ben knows all he wants to know about Morgan and the guy's bragadocious bloviations. Rolling his eyes, he rags The Mastodon over his epic loss in Rookie Wreckers 1. It was a particularly humiliating defeat for the still-wet-behind-the-ears heel because Lon Dumont reversed Cruise's signature finisher, the reverse bear hug, and beat him with it. Everyone, fans and wrestlers alike, have been talking about it ever since.

Morgan views the old loss philosophically. With a vocal delivery that's one part hypnotism, one part sleep-talking and one part pure menace, he explains, "What I learned ... is I have to teach each and every one of my opponents ... to respect me ... and I need to take my time doing it ... and I need to enjoy myself." As we already know, Morgan enjoys nothing more than demolishing his opponents by the most painful and humiliating means at his disposal. Sensing that something is not quite right about Cruise, Ben returns the phony-baloney belt Cruise has handed him to admire and backs off ready for action.

The two men circle each other warily. True to form and with no warning, Morgan kicks Ben in the gut (precariously low in the gut, too). Ben crumples. When he tries to get back to his feet, Cruise's fist bludgeons him back down. Monaco grabs the corner ropes for support and finds himself trapped as Cruise plies him with a volley of punches, knee-drives, and backhanded chops to the upper body. For the next 20 minutes, Morgan is in absolute control. Having choked his opponent against the middle rope, he confesses that he had hoped to get an apology from Ben, but, he adds, once he's finished with him, Ben won't be able to speak a word. The blindsided challenger collapses to the canvas, barely able to breathe, much less speak. Morgan does all he can to keep him down, too, all the while needling him in an effort to level him psychologically as well as physically.

Halfway through the 41-minute contest, Cruise appears to have already met and surpassed his goal of demolition. What else can he do? Monaco is a gasping, quivering shadow of his former self. He can't get more squashed than he already is. Still, he struggles to get back to his feet, demonstrating a hero's resolve to stand his ground against the smug and beastly heel. Minutes later, events take an astounding turn. After a lightning-flash reversal, Ben drops his sweat-drenched body over Morgan's face, pinning the Mastodon's shoulders to the mat, clasping one of the Mastodon's legs between his knees and wrapping the other into his arms. He cracks the sadistic bully open like a raw oyster. Ben deliberately prolongs the three-count, wanting Morgan to feel the full effect of his spladle downfall. Tables turned, now it's Cruise who can barely speak as he strains to hack out the word "submit."

The final 15 minutes showcase the match's most spectacular and destructive assaults: back-breakers, neck-breakers, and cock-twisters. Both wrestlers are ready now to rise to new levels of kickass. Both are exhausted, trembling from the recent ordeal. Morgan will be damned before he lets this "pussy" win the day. Now with renewed confidence, Ben knows that his opponent can be defeated if only he can summon up the resources to make it happen. What follows is the kind of punch-drunk clash of two testosterone-charged egos BG East is famous for worldwide. In the end, a nerve-scrambling 60-second iron claw determines the winner. This is one brawl no real wrestling fan can afford to miss.

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Ben Monaco vs. Morgan Cruise
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Ben bulges in a crippling, spine-warping Boston Crab variation

The Mastodon lets out a mighty roar as he suspends Ben in a suspended hangman's hold

Cruise stomps as he carts and carries Ben around the ring in a torture rack

Ben in a world of hurt as Cruise claws his crotch and queues up for an iron claw

Ben's back bends precariously as he's worked over in a surfboard, camel combination

Cruise works a crushing crotch-claw whilst working Ben's spine in an over the knee backbreaker

Morgan Cruise: 5'8, 175 lbs

Ben sinks into a puddle in the corner as Cruise cranks on a debilitating iron claw

The Mastodon kneels and flexes a big bicep over the beaten and wasted Canuck

Cruise isn't quite finished with Ben as he drags him back up by his throat in the corner

Ben's face ground into the mat as a victorious Morgan poses with a knee to the back of his skull

Ben's bulge proves too much of a temptation as he suffers in Morgan's backbreaker

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