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  Lane Hartley vs. Kirk Donahue

Lane Hartley: 6'0, 215

Hartley utilizes the rope to intensify the effects of the neck-cranking camel clutch

Lane lets out a roar as he hoists the tasty pro stud up in a rib-crushing bearhug

Hartley shows no mercy as he works Kirk's spine in a rope-assisted backbreaker

The lean muscled rookie arches back in a spine-snapping cobra clutch variation

Kirk sags weakly as he fades in Hartley's tight rear-naked chokehold

Rolling with the Big Dogs

Best Squash 2017
Kirk Donahue's boyish good looks have not gone unnoticed. Fans can't get enough of the man's smooth athleticism, his lovely physique and his unassuming air of wholesome clean living. He's been a nominee for Wrestler of the Year and his perfect buttocks were a top contender for Best Butt. Even better, Kirk has demonstrated his wrestling capabilities against some of our strongest talents, wrestlers like Guido Genatto and Austin Cooper, who inspire fear and respect in other wrestlers. Kirk's win record may not be what he'd like it to be partly because he has always been up for a challenge, even willing to risk defeat in the interest of gaining experience and making his mark at BG East. This young man has skill!

Guys like Kirk trigger Lane Hartley's contempt. Lane has chewed up and spit out opponents more muscular than Donahue, and he greets his lean, firmly determined challenger with a contemptuous question, "Do you work out any?" "Yeah," Kirk replies, looking the smug heel right in the eye, unintimidated by an opponent who has more than 50 pounds on him and a reputation for merciless destruction. Lane is a sharp looker, too, with legions of fans who dig his heelish ways, his cucumber-cool manner of demolishing opposition and his rakishly good looks. Even if you disapprove of his methods, you have to admit the man has style, not to mention a stunning face, a magnificent body and piercing eyes that make many fans swoon.

The old handshake ploy is too easy. Kirk glances at Lane distrustfully but decides it would be unsportsmanlike to refuse the man's hand. Lane draws in close and stomps the middleweight on the toes while holding the outstretched hand. A second stomp drops Kirk to his hands and knees. A third stomp, and Lane steps on Kirk's hand to keep him prostrate. If there was any hope that Lane would take the high road in this fight, that hope is promptly erased. "I understand," Lane assures him. "You're trying to climb the ladder. You want to get in here, roll with the big dogs like me." He proceeds to walk all over Donahue, literally. Then he pulls the guy up by a tuft of hair and drives his knee to the ribs.

Even three solid punches to the midsection leave Hartley unfazed, at most mildly annoyed. Lane handles the babyface roughly and incautiously, bending him backwards over the turnbuckle, riding his shoulders as he chokes the guy against the middle rope, then hooking the man's spine over the top rope, snapmaring him across the ring, and then arching the writhing, twitching body up over himself. Lane loves this. He's smiling as Kirk helplessly yelps. To his credit, Kirk hangs tough, refusing to capitulate to Lane's will, enduring one agony after another. The babyface has heart and stamina, but so far, no game.

We've seen grappling dummies treated with more care and consideration than Lane shows Kirk. A third of the way into the cruelly one-sided match, Lane's massive muscle gleams with sweat. The guy looks, quite frankly, awesome ... and he knows it, his even white teeth beaming through his famously crooked smirk, more sneer than smile, while his actions look more like compulsive destruction than fair sport. Poor, brave, earnest Kirk Donahue is just a hand prop, becoming more crumpled and sore as the minutes tick by.

Determination alone does not win matches at BG East. You can leave that kind of pep talk at the door when we're talking about a force of nature like Lane Hartley. The man is built for two things: to dominate and to destroy. Something surges up inside him as he beats an opponent up. The exertion energizes him. He becomes stronger the more he weakens his rival. Kirk Donahue learns all this the hard way. It's a rough lesson that only gets rougher the closer we get to the climax: a unique backbreaker variation that at last puts the handsome challenger out of his sweet misery. Spectacular performances by both athletes. Lane is a shoo-in for Heel of the Year and BG East should have a special award for "selling" because few men do it as well or as convincingly and as viscerally as cute Kirk Donahue.

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Lane Hartley vs. Kirk Donahue
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Hartley's standing bow-and-arrow wrecks a lean Kirk's back as he's stretched out

The babyface pro trapped between Hartley's legs as he sets him up for a ring-rattling finish

Kirk bulges as his back bends in the back-cracking submission hold

A vicious, back-breaking bow and arrow variation tests the limits of Kirk's flexibility

Kirk howls in agony as he flops on the mats and attempts to soothe his abused balls

The return of the Quinnlock: Hartley squats and works the torture rack variation

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 160

A torturous figure four leglock has the babyface slapping the mat and writhing in pain

Kirk tries scrambling for safety as Lane straddles the suffering jobber

Kirk's back bows in a brutal over the shoulder, back-breaking bearhug variation

A big swing locks up Kirk's lean limbs as he dangles over the surface of the canvas

Kirk lays prostrate on the mat, just about finished as Lane looms overhead

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