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  Dev Michaels vs. Trey Dixon

Trey Dixon: 5'10, 155

Trey sags and fades as Dev grinds his elbow in an over-the-rope choke

A middle-of-the-ring tarantula hold severely tests the flexibility of Dixon's spine

A crushing reverse bearhug has Trey crawling ineffectually at Dev's big arms

Dev's massive arms constrict tighter and tighter in a rib-crushing bearhug

Dev spreads Dixon out as he measures his back out for a big spine-busting kneedrop

I Like to See You Suffer

Dev and Trey show off man-sized portions of beef in this exciting pairing of wily BG East veterans. Pop open a frosty can of Schlitz and lean way back in the easy chair for this one. It's for grownups. Dev Michaels is Van Damme meets Bronson meets Bane, an amazing specimen of masculine power and unleashed aggression, and he is magnificent in this no-twinks-allowed he-man squash. Trey Dixon, lean, defined and strikingly handsome, is barely out of his warmup shorts before Dev initiates the festivities with a sucker-punch to the abs, ensuring, as if we had a doubt, who's the demolisher in this Demolition main event. Dev's unasked-for pro-wrestling "pointers" are basically pretenses for some initiatory hazing. Check out the expression on Dixon's face. While generally very game to take on and take out any and every heel, he is clearly questioning his decision to fight this particular volcano.

"All right?" Dev asks, after dragging his retreating opponent back to the center of the ring. "I don't want you to feel all right," he adds on second thought. He slaps Trey over his right shoulder and promptly hammers the man's coccyx to his knee with a spine-tingling atomic drop. Smooth and athletic Dixon writhes at Michaels' feet until the big man hauls him up and slams his back to the turnbuckle followed by a deep, rib-crushing shoulder block. Dev derides breath-deprived Trey for offering up no competition, assuming BG East threw him the jobber as "a little warmup for somebody real." Speaking of "real," check out the fireman's carry across Dev's yard-wide shoulders, with Trey squirming like live bait before he's whacked full-force to the mat! You can almost feel that body slam in your bones.

Michaels makes full use of the BGE Florida ring (all four turnbuckles, a ring post, the ropes) as tools of torture and humiliation. But Dev's most valuable tool is his wrecking-ball physique and his fierce face and glare, guaranteed to send involuntary shivers down any opponent's spine. The man savors Trey's sweaty powerlessness against him, more than once proclaiming his pleasure in tormenting this particular opponent. Trey, in turn, is as expressive a jobber as we've ever seen at BG East. His body spasms and animal yelps are entirely authentic, and spine-tingling. He barely withstands the endless onslaught of physical assaults that Dev has mastered and generously imparts. Trey's not at all a small or delicate man, but Dev dwarfs him not only in physique but also in hostility and raw brutality.

A thunderous barrage of knee and elbow drops, crab holds, bear hugs, body slams, and camel clutches gives this match its distinctive rhythm. Its cadences ring in the ears minutes after the match concludes. There's neither escape nor reprieve for the deliciously sweaty and sexy Trey. He hopelessly seeks refuge on the ring apron, but Michaels heaves him back through the ropes for further wreckage. By midpoint, Dev is a sweat-polished Goliath whose rage can be slaked only by the irrevocable demolition of this ill-fated David. He transforms his massive body into a battering ram, a catapult to hurl Dixon to the ring corners, a precipice from which the jobber plummets, screaming his lungs out.

Stunning in the literal sense of the word, the main event is a nerve-jangling experience for Dixon and viewer alike. The blood-red iron cross on Michaels' black trunks and elbow pads suggests chopper bad-ass-ness, which Dev fully embodies throughout this invigorating no-contest. The man's invincibility is best seen about 19 minutes in, when Dev decides to allow Trey his "turn" at dishing up some whoop-ass. He takes Trey's stiffest punches with hardly a wince, then promptly delivers a swat that nearly knocks Dixon out. But wait till you see the climactic torture rack! Stunning, as we said, in the literal sense of the word! Capping off a sterling trilogy of demolitions, the main event is, by itself, worth the full price of the video.

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Dev Michaels vs. Trey Dixon
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Dev goes into full beast mode with Dixon draped across his shoulders in a fireman's carry

Trey tries to stumble away from danger as he clutches at his busted, muscled bod

Dev mounts Trey in the ropes and tightens his tree trunk quads in a brutal bodyscissors

Dev Michaels is back to put a hurting on the pretty muscleboys of BGEast

Trey writhes and suffers on the mat, another example of Dev's dominance in the ring

The muscled jobber's body bent and broken over Dev's broad shouldered torture rack

Dev Michaels: 5'10, 200

Dev leans back with a truly devastating backbreaking camel clutch

Dev grins and bears down hard in a back-bending boston crab on the lean prettyboy

Dev sadistically stomps Trey into the mat whilst choking him over the bottom ropes

Dev carries the lean studpuppy up and over for a rafter-rattling bodyslam

The smaller stud finds himself crushed underfoot as the big daddy heel counts him out

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