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  Leo Tomasi vs. Mad Mykel

Leo Tomasi: 5'8, 140

The roman warrior roars while brutally choking his Robin Hood over the top ring rope

Leo Tomasi's biceps bulge as he exposes Mykel The Mad's bare butt in a humiliating folding press

Tight, toned Tomasi towers triumphantly with a boot to the back of bare-butt Mad Mykel

Mykel has complete control over his lean opponent with a backbreaking nipple twisiting combo

Mad Mykel brings the payne to a screaming Tomasi with a tight, constricting bearhug

I Will Give The Crowd Something They've Never Seen Before!

BG East fans have already become acquainted with the crazy antics of Mad Mykel, who seems to live in his own fantasy world where only he can hear the cheers of thousands of non-existent fans. But Mad Mykel seems...madder than usual today. As scruffy rookie Leo Tomasi looks on in confusion from inside the ring, Mad Mykel enters the 'Colosseum' decked out in a gladiator's battle kilt and not much more. Mykel loudly proclaims that his fans love him, and that Leo should "be prepared to be conquered on this day."

Leo has taken some pretty brutal beatings AND blows to the head courtesy of the likes of Austin Cooper and Kayden Keller, so it's no surprise that he's wondering if he's the one who's gone a little crazy, especially when Mykel begins talking to an audience that doesn't exist. "My emperor, my loyal fans, today this peasant shall be crushed!" When Leo points out that they're alone, Mad Mykel just laughs maniacally. Tomasi had no idea this is what he signed up for. "Oooookkkkaaaayyyy, let's get this over with." And so begins the clash of wrestlers, or in another world, or on another planet, gladiators.

Wanting to put crazy to bed quickly, Leo launches a dropkick that knocks the wind right out of Mad Mykel and allows Leo to do a quick roll-up pin (which conveniently displays Mykel's bare ass to the entire 'Colosseum'). And as Mykel struggles in a tight bodyscissors, it becomes clear that his Roman garb can hardly contain his 'satchel'. Leo can't help but to play to Mykel's madness. "I don't think those fans are cheering for YOU."

Unfortunately, no one should get between Mad Mykel and his imaginary fan-base. As he's lifted to his feet, Mykel explodes in a burst of energy and lifts Leo clean off the mat into a long, crushing bearhug. "Submit! My emperor is waiting." And with that, he cranks up the power and tears screams for mercy from Tomasi. One "Fuck your emperor" later and Mad Mykel spins Leo around and into a SECOND brutal bearhug. NO ONE insults his emperor!

With Mad Myke's anger fully unleashed, Leo's reign looks to be over, as he's hit with a furious storm of moves that leaves him battered and bruised. Using a full-nelson to march this enemy soldier over to the ropes, Myke the Mad begins viciously choking Leo nearly to the point of unconsciousness. But his emperor and fans want more. More! And so Mad Mykel gives them more. He not only continues the choking, but begins to hump Leo's exposed ass! "The emperor likes it when I conquer men for him. You like this too, don't you?" Leo may not like it, but the emperor likes it so much that Mykel gives him seconds!

Mykel's unseen fans full-throated love for their beloved warrior seems to imbue him with unstoppable strength. He locks Leo into a swinging full-nelson. "My fans are LOVING this!" Lifting Leo like he weighs nothing, Mykel the Mad slams him down into an over-the-knee backbreaker. The emperor likes seconds, and so Mykel lifts Leo for a second brutal backbreaker, this time grabbing Leo's cock and balls and squeezing as hard as he can! Growing tired of his opponent's feeble whimpers, Mad Myke muffles Leo's mouth when he clamps on a devastating headscissors, forcing Leo's face into his bare ass.

Apparently, the emperor loves these humiliating holds, and so Mykel the Mad gives his emperor what he wants. Schoolboy pins with Leo's face smothered into Mykel's package. More headscissors with Leo's face trapped in that Roman ass. And, after Mad Mykel brutalizes Leo's gut, he asks the massive Colosseum crowd for a thumbs up or thumbs down. And since Mad Mykel is the only one who can see the crowd's answer, Leo has to just trust the verdict. And, before the end, Leo Tomasi will suffer one more truly humiliating ordeal, all for the pleasure of the emperor! A very wild and incredibly sexy romp!

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Leo Tomasi vs. Mad Mykel
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Leo grows red-faced in humiliation as his face is wedged up Mykel's ass in a figure four headlock

Mykel taunts and humps Leo from behind with a rope-choking full nelson hold

Mykel pushes and pulls on a cornered Leo with a drilling foot stomp using the ropes

Leo finds himself in uncharted territory as Mykel works a stinkface in the BG ring

Mad Mykel arches and tries to Sister Abigail his way out a reverse headscissors

As if things weren't bad enough, Mykel uses a handful of hair to drag Leo's face deeper up his ass

Mad Mykel: 6', 170

Mad Mykel muscles Tomasi around the ring in a neck-crunching, spinning full nelson

Tomasi spanks the "gladiator" while counting him out in this tight folded matchbook pin

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Mykel The Mad plays to his imaginary Emperor to seal Leo's fate

The merciless, masterful Mykel counts out his overmatched opponent in a face-smothering pin

Tomasi topped, trounced, and trampled as Mykel makes his way to barefoot glory

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