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  Toney Rico vs. Chase Addams

Chase Addams: 6', 170

Toney's choke is no joke as Addams puffs for air and reaches for the safety of the ropes

Chases presses his seductive advantage with a smothering and smolderingly sexy schoolboy pin

Has Charming Chase Addams' luck has run out? Rico's big bearhug sucks the life from him

Chase looks every bit like the coppertone baby as he's dragged up by his charming trunks

Toney tries to hold on as an increasingly desperate Chase battles back in the bearhug

Big Boy vs Bad Boy: Toney Tortured or Chase Chastened?

Toney Rico and Chase Addams are both relative rookies on the BG East scene, but that's where the similarities begin and end. Toney Rico is a gentle giant who just so happens to LOVE wrestling. More than a little green around the ears, he can't help being friendly. But the Gentle Giant can only be pushed so far before he pushes back...hard!

Like The Boss Kid Leopard (who, so it's rumored, has taken young Chase under his wing) Addams is a technical wrestling aficionado who is ALWAYS eager to test out new submission holds on the 'less talented' BG East roster. While he's only had a handful of matches so far, his debut match nabbed 'Best Match' of 2016, a hell of an accomplishment for any rookie. But taking on the likes of perennial jobber Ty Alexander or the lightweight Charlie Evans can't possibly prepare Chase for tackling someone who has Toney's sheer size or...girth.

Entering the arena fully decked out in his leather jacket and 'Charming as Fuck' trunks (eyes can't help but to be drawn to those words OR the finely sculpted ass they hug), Chase asks aloud, "My, my, my, what DO we have here?" Toney, stretching out his gargantuan frame inside the ring, bounds over to the ropes to extend a hand of friendship and introduce himself to a VERY skeptical Chase. "Hi, my name's Toney. Are we gonna wrestle today?" A still baffled Chase lets Toney know "Yeah, something like that." A clearly ecstatic Toney parts the ropes for Chase, letting Chase know he's still new to all this. Chase is still dumbstruck by Toney's friendly demeanor. "Yeah, I can tell."

Chase doesn't care if Toney is the nicest (or biggest!) guy in the world. He's still going to push him around, literally. Shoving Toney full-force in the chest, once, twice, Chase can't help poking the Giant. "Come on. Come on!" Toney doesn't need any more prodding as his payback shove sends Chase flying ass backwards into the corner. It's on!

Toney challenges Chase to a test-of-strength and the resulting back-and-forth perfectly encapsulates the match: Toney clearly has the strength and size advantage as he folds Chase nearly to the mat, but Chase clearly has the the cunning and know-how as he uses his legs to break Toney's grip and a simultaneous armbar to bring the Giant down to the mat. Even AFTER that, gentlemanly Toney still wants to give Chase a friendly handshake! But just because Toney is nice doesn't mean he doesn't know how to use all that muscle power, because after Chase sneaks on a semi-illegal choke, Toney finally loses it!

Throwing Chase off him, the not-so-gentle-anymore giant lines up across the ring and tackles Chase in the gut with enough force to lift him off his feet and into the turnbuckles. Lifting Chase up, Toney delivers a ring-shaking sidewalk slam. But that's just the tip of his power showcase. Lifting Chase back up, he brings him down across his knee three times before lifting him back up and doing some squats with his new 170lb weight! One more big slam back down to the mat and Toney is positively beaming. "I really like wrestling!"

Lifting Chase so effortlessly into a bearhug over one shoulder, he shakes his helpless opponent like a ragdoll. Toney parades Chase around the ring like he's carrying a sack of potatoes before running Chase's back full force into the corner. Then he lifts Chase right back into ANOTHER crushing bearhug! Afraid he might permanently crush his new playtoy, Toney dumps Chase to the mat. This is not going the way Chase Addams expected.

But Chase has learned how to play dirty, and he's NOT going to let this lumbering giant walk all over him! Tripping Toney into the ropes, Chase jumps on his back and starts choking him on the ropes with his full body weight bearing down. And then Chase unleashes his full arsenal of crippling submission moves. Toney might be a giant, but even giant's limbs can break. A flurry of surfboards, figure 4s, and one killer octopus leaves all of Toney's limbs wracked in sheer agony. But right when Chase thinks he has his opponent all locked up and in a figure 4 chokelock, Toney literally powers Chase up and into a devastating powerbomb in the corner. And all of this is just the first half of the match! Wrestling excellence!

This match is truly an excellent example of the excitement that comes from throwing two completely different styles at each other. Chase's impressive repertoire of moves and submission holds can break anyone, big or small. But Toney is REALLY big, and his raw strength is plenty capable of breaking people too! Will Chase be able to overcome Toney's sheer size, or will Toney unleash his inner-Hulk and SMASH everything in site? The ending minutes of this match are truly breathtaking and have to be seen to be believed!

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Toney Rico vs. Chase Addams
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Chase chastened? Rico pins the punk with a humilating face smothering reverse schoolboy

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