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  Ty Alexander vs. Bruno LaBestia*

Ty Alexander, a contender for Best Butt, squares off against a new rival for the title!

Bruno is certain Ty's garish gold-covered derriere is no match for his gorgeous glutes

Ty's chin is ground into his chest as Bruno reverses a powerful, punishing full nelson on Ty

The Trophy Boy enjoys his role as the lion tamer as he sits deep into a back-bending boston crab

Ty's twisting, humping, and leg-splitting single-leg boston has the big LaBestia roaring in agony

Beastly ball crusher: Bruno locks his ankles to ratchet up the pain in a brutal push-up scissors

Battle of the Butts: Clobber the Jobber or Bash the Beast?

Sexiest Match 2017
Bruno 'The Beast' LaBestia made a grand debut against Nino Leone, showing what his power-packed beefy frame is capable of doing to rookies. Combining raw strength with a beastly appetite for the pain and suffering of others, Bruno is often driven into a sexual frenzy as he clobbers jobbers. So, having him take on fan-favorite jobber Ty Alexander (certainly no stranger to sexual frenzies OR getting clobbered), this seems like a match made in heaven for Bruno. That is, it would be IF Bruno was facing the Ty of old. But Ty has been working his award-winning ass off, bulking up, training at a pro school and down in the BG grotto. He's channeled his fury over years of jobber ignominy into a completely new and destructive force of nature. This is a whole new chapter for Ty Alexander!

That said, not EVERYTHING has changed about Ty, because the first thing he does upon entering the ring is challenge Bruno to an Ass Off! Modeling their asses against each other, both are confident that they have THE best bubble butt. But Bruno has studied up on Ty and knows exactly how to get under his skin. "Isn't that the 'runners-up' ass?" as he swings behind and locks on a painful full-nelson. But this isn't yesterday's Ty. He's not remotely a pushover. Thrusting that magnificent ass backwards full-force into Bruno's groin, Ty breaks the hold and rubs Bruno's face all over those runner-up golden globes!

Ty shows off his new strength with a picture-perfect suplex on the 190lb Beast. Ty can't resist the opportunity to smother Bruno's face with his butt before locking him into a crushing headscissors. But Bruno's not called the 'Beast' for nothing, using his raw strength to power out of the hold then smothering Ty's face into HIS ass before locking on punishing headscissors that leaves Ty screaming for release. First submission to Bruno!

Each having the measure of the other, it's time for an all-out ASSault and struggle for dominance. Rushing to lock-up, Ty manages to fling Bruno into the corner, perfectly set up for a running, leaping flying butt smash. Cocky Ty can't resist rubbing Bruno's face in his ass again, but Bruno has had ENOUGH! Reaching up and under, Bruno locks on a truly brutal ball claw that seems to go on forever until that hand literally lifts Ty into an over-the-shoulder ball clawing backbreaker, never once letting go!

Nothing is off-limits, and these two are going to enjoy every ring-shaking minute of this epic clash! A furious back-and-forth ensues. Ty gives Bruno a vicious wedgie, even stealing one of Bruno's trademark moves as he starts to literally bite that ass! Getting Bruno into a back-breaking camel clutch, Ty starts nibbling on Bruno's ear and licking his face. Good thing Bruno is VERY familiar mixing pain with pleasure, and pleasure with punishment!

Before you know it, Bruno is repaying Ty with his own nibbles, licks, tweaked nipples, and forced liplocks. Of course, it's not ALL pleasure, as Ty also suffers through more ball claws, rear-naked chokes, and schoolboy pins (where Ty 'may' regret those wedgies now that his face is smashed into Bruno's exposed crack). Bruno even traps Ty in the ropes and continuously jiggles the rope into Ty's trapped sack, driving him to the edge of sexual frustration! And before you know it, each has ripped the trunks off the other.

What follows is one of the single most sexy ring matches in BG East history. Muscle worship, full-on making out, sucking on nipples, naked asses in faces, no part of the body goes unheeded. Ty delivers an over-the-knee backbreaker using Bruno's cock as leverage, which then morphs into an over-the-knee blowjob. This match overflows with nude holds! Who claims victory in the explosive climax? This one will keep you on the edge of your seat, as both wrestlers are brought to the edge...and then some! Sexiest match of the year?

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Ty Alexander vs. Bruno LaBestia*
42 minutes

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Ty tries to finish the Beast with an arching, neck-crunching chinlock and overlapping toe hold

Ty mounts and rides LaBestia into the mats as he tames with his erotic offense

Bruno LaBestia rolls up Ty Alexander and then sinks his fangs into the trophy boy's meaty butt

Bruno beaten and battered and completely unaware, as Ty strips him of his gear

Power & Punishment! The beast's thick, meaty quads brutalize Ty's skull with a crushing scissors

Face down, ass up, that's the way we like... The BG East ring heats up as Bruno tastes some Ty

Bruno LaBestia, a likely challenger for not just Best Butt, but many other titles as well

Bruno is aptly named as he beasts his way out of a full nelson with a mighty big flexing powerdown

Ty, humbled and demoralized, as the rookie grinds his ass in the face of the best derriere nominee

Stripped to T-backs, Ty and Bruno engage in a liplock battle in this steamy ringwar matchup

Both stipped bare, Brutal Bruno upends a terrified Ty for a ring-shaking reverse piledriver

Everyone's a winner here (including us) as Ty and Bruno lock lips in this scorching X-Fight ringwar

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