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  Calvin Haynes vs. Richie Douglas

Calvin Haynes: 5'9, 200

Richie feels the mountain of muscle bearing down with a constricting rear choke

Richie's lean and limber body can only bend so far in this torturous over the shoulder rack

The golden boy bulges and breaks as Calvin ratchets up the pain with the rear bearhug

Richie continues to give the big man a run for his money with a wide crotch-ripping spladle

Little stud Richie primps and poses with a double bicep flex with his bigger opponent underfoot

Suffer for Beauty, or, All That Glitters Is Not Gold!

Richie Douglas is banging! Who wouldn't put up with some pain and discomfort to get in snug and tight with that body? (Here at BG East, we get your emails and read your blogs. We know what you want.) Calvin Haynes is aware of his motives for asking for this match, and so is our Top Babyface of 2017 Richie Douglas, who capitalizes on his natural assets by wearing metallic gold trunks that hug his ass and crotch like he was poured into them.

Eyes drawn to the glittering object at hand, Calvin praises Richie's tastes in trunks, saying they're "shiny and pretty." Then following a short intake of breath, he adds, admiringly, "Like you." Richie chuckles self-consciously. He's used to compliments like this, but he's always at a loss for a quick response. He knows he's good looking, especially when wrestling. The exertion tightens his muscles, and his thighs and iliac furrow become taut and symmetrical like those on an ancient Greek sculpture, his skin flushed pink from the struggle. "Let's see what you got," says Richie, sizing the bigger, older man up.

The two circle each other. Richie surprises Calvin by taking the initiative, toppling the big man in a tight headlock. This is not the first time Richie has surprised an opponent with his grappling skills. When Calvin good-naturedly acknowledges that the small-town Adonis is "a little stronger" than he looks, he's echoing the thoughts of wrestlers like Ray Naylor, Mad Mykel, and Goren Ford, who made the same discovery in other matches.

Calvin isn't even the first big wrestler Richie has squared off against, having cut his teeth at BG East in matches against Austin Cooper, Lane Hartley and Kayden Keller. Calvin's big and strong all right, square-jawed and ruggedly handsome, with a macho ego to match his hairy brawn. He gives Richie a piercing look and says, "That won't happen again." He snatches Richie up and dangles him upside down in a reverse bearhug. Richie takes the throbbing pressure to his head for as long as he can, but then reluctantly submits.

The match has plenty more bearhugs, all in the open air scented with grass and sweat, just as nature probably intended. Everything's bright and lighthearted, almost a mating or dating ritual. The guys occasionally chuckle as they wrestle, but they're serious about winning. Richie gets an intensely arched boston crab hold on Calvin, who resists but is forced to give. Body scissors and flexing go together like summertime and sun.

In time, the smiles fade and the chuckles cease because the wrestlers are wearing each other down, but they don't want to stop. Ever, apparently. And who would!? Calvin no sooner proclaims, "I got you right where I want you," than Richie seizes him in the middle of a double-biceps pose and stretches the big man's legs as wide as possible while one leg pins the man's shoulders to the mat. It's a startling, even brilliant move.

"Running out of steam?" Richie smiles as he asks the cocky question. He only wants to rile Calvin up. And it works, stretching the stillmostly friendly brawl for as long as either man can stand. After Richie wins a half-dozen or so submissions with sharp, cutting headlocks, the laughter has become more than Calvin Haynes is willing endure.

Calvin pounces on Richie, takes him down, and bends him across his own body like a bow. He enjoys the payback as much as the closeness to Richie's beauty, but the ever-resilient Richie rebounds, his smile a little stiffer now but still hungry for more. Both men are. And is it any wonder that The Boss calls Richie his "Little Prince"?? His skills on the mat and in the ring are now on par with his extraordinary beauty! In the end, one of them says, "Look at me while I knock you out." It's a great line. Who says it? See for yourself!

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Richie's lithe body bends and stretches to a near-breaking point in a modified bow-and-arrow

Richie breaks the bigger boy down with a skull-crushing headscissors, armbar combo

Richie is all smiles as he faces off against a shocked and impressed Calvin

Calvin gets dragged through little Richie's wringer with a japanese strangle/bodyscissors combo

Richie finds himself in trouble as he tries to arch out of Calvin's crushing body scissors and pin

The big man chin buried into his sternum as his lean foe works a brutal full nelson bodyscissors

Richie Douglas: 5'8, 152 BG's Golden Boy poured into liquid gold briefs which lace up the sides

Calvin's massive quads cinch tighter around Richie's trim waist as he slaps on a pec claw

Richie flexes every muscle in his slender body to fight off the crushing pressure of the bearhug

"I've got you right where I want you..." Calvin crows over a schoolboyed Richie

Richie turns it all around with an endurance-testing deep-seated boston crab on the big guy

Richie focuses the pain and humiliation on his bigger opponent with a single leg boston

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