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  Van Skyler vs. Ben Monaco

Van Skyler: 5'8", 185

Skyler stands as a sculpture of perfection as Ben kneels as a picture of pain in the surfboard

Van throws up a seductive single bicep flex with a kneeling headscissors schoolboy pin

Ben had better enjoy one of his few tenures on top because this is the Van Skyler show

Van is in total control of the conquered Canuck as Ben peels his sweaty trunks down

Skyler flexes his carved from marble form over a defeated Monaco with a schoolboy pin

Skyler's Shining Moment

The news here is that in Wrestleshack 22 Van Skyler shines, both literally through a profusion of sweat and figuratively as the man dominates Ben Monaco for an easy three-quarters of this rugged, hard-to-predict contest. Monaco refuses him the remainder with a valiant but seemingly doomed campaign to conquer the enigmatic muscle god and command him body and soul. Skyler sports one of the all-time great physiques of BG East, and it would make a fine prize for anybody up to the task of conquering it in the Wrestleshack, where all kinds of passions are set loose and spiral towards unforgettable finishes.

Lust is never far away from the center of this contest, though the action is among the stiffest and most convulsive ever captured by our cameras. To our knowledge, Ben has never refused a challenge, willing to risk everything for victory, to be sure, but perhaps significantly motivated by his desire to feel the heat radiating from BGE's finest hardbodies, veritable deities like Austin Cooper, Damien Rush, and Chace LaChance. Who wouldn't risk even ignominious defeat for the touch of premium-grade meat like this? For all that, Monaco is at heart a scrapper. He likes a solid, intense fight, and nothing less will satisfy him. This particular battle is as close to a 100 percent shoot match as we've seen. It's unscripted, spontaneous, spirited, and anything can happen.

For this match, handsome and sublimely self-assured Van has upped his game in the smack talk department. He's especially loquacious when he has Monaco in his paralyzing grip. "Y'gonna tap out for me like a little bitch?" He smiles at his opponent's grunts and grimaces, basking in the man's writhing agony. He ratchets up the arm bar that sends lightning streaks of pain through Ben's body. He wins the first fall by submission, but he's unsatisfied with the volume of Monaco's surrender, saying, "Tap again! It's not loud enough. I want to hear it!" Finally satisfied, he releases, his smile like that of a condescending demigod. Ben is unhappy, and he doesn't even try to disguise his rage. "You're gonna pay for that one," he tells Skyler.

Wrestleshack 22 offers the liveliest and most adroit version of Van Skyler ever. A choke hold elicits Ben's second tap-out. Van looks pleased with himself, gloating, "You told me you could handle this." Ben is slow to rise to his feet. Head spinning, throat parched, joints turning to wax, he vows to shut Skyler up. Launching himself back into the brawl, Ben finds Van's body is not only getting stronger by the minute but also far too slippery to grip. He uses his body weight to get on top of Skyler, for a few seconds mounting him in a schoolboy pin, the front pouch of his orangeade trunks tapping the man's chin. The unintended effect, however, is to motivate Van to blast loose and snare Monaco's waist between his steely thighs. He rubs Ben's face into his muscles, purring, "You like those obliques, don't you, eh? I'll give you those obliques, buddy. You wish you had those, eh? Oh yeah, keep looking at those fucking abs, okay? Admire those abs."

At this point, all we can say is "Gimme more!" And there's plenty more to come. We're barely halfway through. Ben is sure as heck not finished with Skyler, and Van is just now feeling his tough-guy groove. The final half of this battle combines grunt-and-groan with touchy-feely as trunks peel off to reveal G-strings. Resist the urge to press "pause" to go pleasure yourself because when the time comes (and it will definitely come) you will want to recall the victor of this match with his bare foot propped up on the loser's pliant pecs.

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Van Skyler vs. Ben Monaco
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Ben promised Skyler would pay but Van refuses to stay down as he fights from bottom position

Skyler locked up helplessly in a suspended ceiling hold by the resourceful muscle stud

Monaco has absolutely nowhere to run from the relentless bodyscissor bound gutbash

Skyler bulges and bends, rolled up on his shoulders, leaving his ripped midsection open to assault

Skyler brings Ben crashing down to the mats with a leg trapping rear chinlock

Van works a leisurely side-plank bicep flex on his withering headscissored opponent

Ben Monaco: 5'10", 175

Ben in a rare moment of dominance in this match works a full nelson bodyscissors combo

With a tight grip, Skyler breaks the back of Ben with a chin-pulling camel clutch

Ben's every sense are consumed with Skyler's perfection as he's put down with a headscissors

A sweat-soaked Skyler claims a dominating victory over the beefy, burly Canuck fighter

Skyler implores a wiped out Monaco to worship and admire his shredded midsection

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