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  Kid Karisma vs. Ty Alexander

Kid Karisma: 5'8", 170

A leashed and chastened Ty gets a lungful of master's musk from a chiseled Karisma

The Karismatic One treats Ty as what he is...a stepping stone on the path to greatness

Karisma looks like a schoolyard bully upending Ty and shaking his pockets for loose change

Twinky Ty gets tortured and trounced with a vicious kneedrop to his tight little tummy

Ty finds himself in the center of a living wet-dream...swaddled in gear and crushed in defeat

Dungeon Master meets Gear War

The Wrestleshack is a versatile space, where anything can happen, not just your everyday wrestling matches, BG East's bread and butter, but also performances of your weirdest, most improbable fantasies. Ty shows up at the Shack in gear Kid Karisma has specifically ordered him to wear, down to the G-string he intends to strip the self-professed Trophy Boy down to. Karisma, too, is colorfully attired in spandex tights and sleeveless compression top, with knee pads in a contrasting color to the ones he has commanded Alexander to wear. Before either man makes a move, we already have some serious gear kink in the works. Ty voices an obligatory threat, a mere feint directed in Karisma's direction, but it's clear that his heart is not behind it. Ty is here for one purpose only, to get humiliated and destroyed.

What we have here in our second chapter of Wrestleshack 22 is a pastiche of wrestling gestures, performed as a prolonged ritual, with barely any competition or even pretense of sport. Sure, there are some familiar elements that are recognizably wrestling holds. The body scissors, for instance, and the full nelson hold. But the larger part of the action is a rainbow cornucopia of frottage, gags, asphyxiation, blindfolds, bodice-ripping, nipple plucking, gear sniffing, and crotch crushing. Ty offers only the mildest resistance to these assaults and Karisma testily slaps him down. Kid K barks a string of outlandish commands while performing a slow-motion striptease while peeling Ty down to his perfect tan and forcing him to reciprocate.

Early on, Karisma tears open Ty's shirt. He then forces Ty's face down to his crotch, holding it there for several seconds, immersing the guy in the master's musk before pushing the head between his knees and clamping it in place there. Seconds later, he pulls his shirt over Alexander's head, pressing the victim's nostrils against his smooth sculpted chest, all but suffocating the guy. What's remarkable here is the silkiness of Karisma's dominion over his relentlessly degraded pet. Ty purrs and whimpers, occasionally moaning when Kid K physically torments him, but he only resists at Karisma's charge. Several times the master forces his dutiful slave-boy to submit, sometimes in quick succession. There's some semblance of wrestling here, mimicry that's more suggestive of ritual than real competition. In the end both men are stripped nearly naked. Early jokes about padded gear are proved to be only jokes. These voluptuous bods need no padding.

Karisma has humiliated plenty of other opponents in his career at BG East. Memorable victims include Rio Garza, Rocco, Christian Taylor, Z-Man, Jake Jenkins, Austin Cooper, Skip Vance, Gabriel Ross, Billy Lodi, and Chace LaChance, some of the best jobbers in the world. None of them, though, were as naughtily compliant as Ty Alexander, and few of the matches were this kinky. Kid K pleasures himself with Ty's body like the guy is a sex toy. In the end, though, we're left with a question that's never answered: Whose kinky fantasy is this? Karisma's? Ty's? Or yours?

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Kid Karisma vs. Ty Alexander
37 minutes

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The Karismatic One's rugby-built quads crush Ty's ribs like kindling in a tight bodyscissors

Ty cranked in a tight figure four headscissors with a front row seat to his own stripping

In a desperate bid to escape, Ty inadvertently exposes that award-winning ass to the delight of all

Kid K plants that much lauded ass on the back of Ty's head and wedges his gear up his ass

Ty's tasty teasing bulge proves to be too tempting of a target in the inverted facelock

Ty grovels like a beaten dog, naked and trembling, leashed with his own sweat-soaked gear

Ty Alexander: 5'7", 155

Ty is dropped to his knees and suffocated in Karisma's second-skin like gear

Kid K stares sadistically down upon his headscissored, suffering, worshipful prey

Ty finds himself in an envious position, schoolboyed and smothered under the ginger hulk's bulge

Ty's ass swallows his skimpy gear looking like the coppertone kid with a faceful of coppertop hunk

Even if Ty's arms were to give out, Kid K's crushing quads headscissors would keep him up

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