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  Austin Cooper vs. Lazlo Kohl

Austin Cooper: 5'9, 170 lbs

Austin brings all of his considerable mass to bear on Lazlo with a neck-crunching full nelson.

Kohl arches as he attempts to work his way free of Austin's rib-crushing bearhug.

Lazlo brutally bends Austin's magnificently muscled body with a grounded bow-and-arrow submission.

Cooper marches around the ring, ever the conqueror, with Lazlo in a fireman's carry.

Austin is on top of the world as he sits victoriously astride Lazlo with a double bicep flex.

"I Give Zero Shits"

Lazlo established his heel creds a few catalogs back against beefy Biff Farrell. He wants to fight Coop next, who packs even more beef on his bones than Farrell. Coop held off at first, thinking Lazlo was too green to take on a hunk of Austin's dimensions and experience. One way or other Lazlo pulled strings with BG East upper management and got booked for the fight he wanted. Coop's new contract requires him to wrestle on command, and though he feels confident in taking Lazlo on, he's none too happy that the dude went over his head to make this match happen.

Cooper is such a fixture in the underground wrestling scene, and at BG East in particular, that it's easy to forget how great he is. Yet every time we see this guy on the wrestling mat or in the squared circle, our jaws drop over his toughness, ingenuity, and, of course, muscle. He started out as a babyface, but outgrew that phase fast. Now he's one of the hottest heels in town. As he stretches in preparation for his match against Kohl, we are reminded how well-rounded Austin is. And we mean "rounded" literally. Those biceps, those shoulders, those pecs, those abs, those thighs, and, yes, that ass make everybody weak in the knees.

Not Lazlo, though. He warms up on the opposite corner of the mat, not casting a glance in his opponent's direction until Coop asks, in a blase' manner, "Ready?" The two shake hands and circle each other, crouching, tentatively engaging and then breaking up. Austin catches Lazlo by the haunches and flips him onto his back, straining for a quick pin, but Lazlo rolls out. They circle again. This time Lazlo tries for a takedown, but Austin intercepts, catching him by the head and one arm. A few false starts later, Coop grabs and lifts Kohl a foot off the mat and drops him on his back, quickly straddling his waist and pressing chest to chest to hold him down.

Lazlo rolls and reverses. He tries to twist the guy into a crab hold, but the effort only gives Austin wiggle room enough to escape. It appears the two are evenly matched, maybe so evenly matched that further progress is unlikely. Then, about a quarter of the way in, Coop clamps his thighs to Kohl's head, his face reddening as he adds pressure. Kohl rolls back and forth, trying to escape the vise grip. Austin, too, rolls left then right, then over, so that both men face the mat. His hands on the mat, Coop lifts and slams, lifts and slams Kohl's face to the mat, then rolls back over on his back. "I give, I give," Kohl pleads, succumbing to Austin's aggression.

Some may say Austin goes too far, but this is how the game is played at BG East. Barely a minute later, he submits Lazlo a second time with a brutally effective armlock. This time Austin is slow to release. He likes hurting the guy. He doesn't let Kohl take a second breath before he's back on the guy, this time with a leglock. Lazlo succeeds in breaking this hold. "That leg hurt?" Austin asks, more an underscoring of his brutal intentions than a real question. Both men exude the glow of a hard struggle, shimmering with sweat. Both look anxious to get back to the clench, though Kohl is limping.

The struggle continues. Austin submits Lazlo with a figure-four leglock. "I give," Lazlo pleads, but Austin only tightens his grip. "That's right," he says, teeth clenched, "NOW you suffer!" Will Coop demolish this guy, or is payback coming? One thing is clear: Austin Cooper is in rare form for this fight, delivering his most magnificent bad-ass whupping in years. Obviously, we would say this, but Austin is at his BEST when he's grappling on the BGE mats!

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Coop traps Lazlo in a headscissor and drives his head into the mat to pound a submission out of him.

Kohl cries out in agony as Coop rips his groin wide open in a banana split variation.

Kohl tries his luck with a headscissor on Coop and drives his skull into the mat repeatedly.

Cooper works on wrecking Lazlo's powerful legs with a figure-four leglock.

The tables have turned as Austin is rolled onto his side, his legs split and knee torqued by Lazlo.

Austin looks to bring this match to a close with a gear-assisted choke out.

Lazlo Kohl: 5'8, 185 lbs

Lazlo takes an appreciative view of Coop's assets and drives his headscissored skull into the mat.

Coop pins Kohl to the mat with a knee as he bends his back with a single-leg boston variation.

Kohl's ribcage compresses more and more as Austin squeezes another submission out of him.

Cooper drops and bends Lazlo across his thick quad in an over-the-knee backbreaker.

Coop and Kohl grapple on the mats of the Florida matroom in a battle for dominance.

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