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  Christian Taylor vs. Joshua Goodman

Christian Taylor: 6'2, 170 lbs

Christian finds his bendable body badly tested as Goodman arches him in an otk backbreaker

Mr. Joshua muscle-bullies the rookie with a humiliating headscissored wedgie

Christian's lavender gear splits at the seams as he suffers crushing hold after crushing hold

Christian is brought low, the life sucked out of him in Goodman's constricting cobra clutch

Sweat-soaked and broken-backed, Christian is nearly folded in half by Joshua's camel clutch

A Goodman tearing a Good Boy a New Ass

Everyone loves a good origin story. Take, for example, the storied career of the sensationally sexy heartthrob and kissing bandit, Christian Taylor. BG East fans have followed the evolution of this tall, lean, fierce grappler for years. He has starred in some of the most popular and passionate wrestling matches you'll ever see. But have you heard about the first day Christian showed up on our doorstep, wet behind the ears, nervous as hell, and counting his lucky stars to learn that he'd been slated to be initiated by none other than the legendary muscle hunk, Mr. Joshua Goodman? He was lean and limber, a pale plebe sporting lavender square cuts and a James Dean snarl. Christian was already working his signature impassive self-restraint that he'd later build his brand on in the coming years. BGE's 40th anniversary seemed like a good time to tell this origin story from way back...

"What do we got here?" Joshua barks when he arrives ringside. "You look like a rookie!" When it comes to storied careers followed passionately by wrestling fans, few have held court as long and successfully as Joshua. He stands in stark contrast to the pale, ultra lean rookie putting on a brave face in front of him. Joshua's powerfully built muscles are beautiful and bronzed, and never seem to change. His sensational physique is stunning from every angle, though no bulge is as stunning as his award winning monster package. "What is your name, rookie?" Joshua demands, climbing into the ring and immediately shoving his hand down the front of his trunks to adjust his beautiful baggage. "Christian," the rookie snaps coldly, chin up defiantly. "Christian? Well, I'm an atheist," Joshua explains, "and the Pope isn't going to save your ass, so you're in big trouble now!"

Christian arrived already a devoted student of BG East wrestling, and more than once in this match he catches the showboating muscle man off guard. He uses his sensationally long, powerful legs to squeeze the air out of Joshua's lungs, earning him a moment of reprieve from the muscle heel's relentless trash talk. When Mr. Joshua begins to pry his opponent's legs apart, Christian snaps on an arm bar, demonstrating that he may be a rookie, but he already knows a thing or two.

However, Joshua bears down like an avalanche. With size, strength, and experience entirely on his side, he muscle-bullies the baby face pretty boy ruthlessly. Backbreakers and bodyslams threaten to snap the rookie in half. Joshua drags the future-heartthrob across the ring by his hair, trussing him up in the ring ropes, and crushing the befuddled kid's head from every angle between Joshua's tree trunk thighs. "Christian Taylor, that sounds like the name of a good boy," Joshua muses out loud as he bends Christian backward over the top rope and sits on his face. "I bet you come from a good town and a good family." Joshua drags him out of the ropes and yanks violently on the back of Christian's trunks, exposing the rookie's bright white cheeks before slamming the battered beauty into the mat again. "What the hell are you doing here?" Joshua taunts the writhing boy next door.

As if in answer, Christian reaches up, stroking the palm of his hands up the muscle man's ripped abs, feeling the veteran's glistening pecs. Christian fiercely defies the veteran's commands to submit. In turn, Joshua unloads increasingly baser brutality, yanking on the rookie's trunks so hard the seams rip open wide. "This gives a whole new meaning to tearing you a new ass," Joshua laughs, leaving the rookie's gear in shreds.

"We want our viewers to be entertained, now don't we, Christian Taylor?" Joshua asks. He treats his fans to peek-a-boo glimpses of every tortured inch of his outmatched prey. Christian soaks up more punishment than most seasoned veterans could swallow without breaking, but Joshua notices that the rookie's eyes are shut tight as he sucks on his agony. "Open your eyes, because I don't want you to miss this, Christian boy!" Joshua's torment turns to forcing this good boy, from a good town and a good family, to witness the sight of his unblemished, alabaster body bruised, battered, and brutally humiliated.

Christian has a come long way since he came face-to-crotch with the legendary bulge of Mr. Joshua Goodman. But you have got to see every exposed inch of this absolute rookie-wrecking that leaves a barefoot, babyface beauty ripped apart, barely conscious, and thanking his lucky stars!

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Christian Taylor vs. Joshua Goodman
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Christian's lean, lithe body is bent back with Goodman's torturous, stretching headscissors

The Christian finds himself crucified by the atheist, gear pulled for Goodman's gut bashing

Kneeling, bound in the ropes, Christian is helpless against Joshua's tree trunk quad scissor choke

The rookie has moxie! Christian traps and cranks the much bigger, more established veteran

Goodman bears down brutally, looking determined to pop Christian's neck with a headlock

Mr. Joshua continues to crush and cripple Christian with a skull-crunching headscissors

Joshua Goodman: 5'10, 180 lbs

Taylor is trapped and twisted, arms tretched and twisted high overhead by the wrestling god

Christian learns early that everyone belongs prostrated before the power of Mr. Joshua

All the wind has left Christian's sails as he dangles lifelessly across Goodman's shoulders

Christian is nothing but a pliant wrestling dummy as Joshua lifts him by his trunks for a slam

Mr. Joshua spreads the lean boy's long legs wide, exposed for a grinding ball stomp

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