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  Guido Genatto vs. Kid Karisma

Guido Genatto: 5'10, 235 lbs

Guido in full control of the fan favorite with a backbreaking, chin-pulling submission hold

The Karismatic One takes control of his much bigger opponent with a bow-and-arrow on the mats

Kid K shocks his competition as he throws the big, beefy brawler to the mats

Karisma's impressive body gets pounded, driven and spiked hard into the canvas

Half in, half out of the ring, Karisma's handsome face gets fucked up with a boot

Ripped Apart!

Here's a dream match, for sure. Two of the smartest and most unflinchingly cruel heels in underground wrestling history. Of course, it was all quite a while ago, but the BG East vault is renowned for the high quality of its tenderly tended stock, kind of like a great wine cellar of rowdy bad-asses. Pressing his luck, ready rookie Kid Karisma rails against Guido Genatto, calling him "Gelato" and mocking his hefty midriff. Famously hot-tempered Guido has heard all he wants to hear of Karisma's rant and rushes the ring, calling his opponent "you fuckin' little twink fuck." He goes for the feet, and it takes him two tries to get Karisma down on the mat, clutching his head and burying him under some ultra-hairy poundage.

Karisma thrashes and grunts like a cat squashed under a fallen tree limb. Never short of resources, though, Karisma needles Guido with his knuckles, forcing the bigger wrestler to draw back. Guido recovers quickly, bracing Kid K in a chin lock, then rolls him over so fans can have an unobstructed look at Karisma's taut, salmon-pink pecs and abs. The torso is gorgeous as always, but his face is all grimacing rage. He breaks free only to find himself still caught between Guido's gorilla thighs. We have never seen the Kid in this much torment, helpless yet with not an iota of acquiescence. When Karisma's right hand clasps Guido's face, Guido slaps it to the mat, growling, "Get the fuck outa here before I rip that arm off!" "I give, I give," Karisma sobs â?? words even back then we almost never expected to hear from his lips.

Guido no sooner breaks the hold than he stomps Karisma down into a corner. The Kid lunges for Genatto's legs and succeeds in bringing the big man down. On his back, Guido dares his opponent to show him what he's got. Karisma tries, but Guido reverses instantaneously. This fight is real, fellas, and Karisma's famous bravura seems to be getting him nowhere. Guido's threat to tear an arm off is this close to being accomplished. A strenuous and lengthy arm bar nearly does the trick. There's a lot of slobber in Kid K's moans just seconds before he submits a second time. All this in the first six minutes â?? with twenty more to go!

Again and again Genatto toys with Karisma, inviting him to do his worst. It takes six more minutes before the ginger roughneck gets a real hold on his prey, and you need have no doubt that, after one humiliation after another, Karisma is ready to carve Guido into thin slices. An inflexible leg lock has Guido hollering in pain, both men sweating profusely, the perspiration turning ice cold in less than a second. Kid K twists the foot like he's attempting to unscrew it from the ankles. Frantically, the big man taps out. At this point we are only halfway through what could have been, no, what IS an epoch-making battle. Even we don't know why or how we sat on this match for this long!

All we can promise is that both men are alive at the end of this exhausting, brutal contest (barely, but still alive and breathing hard). Karisma's victory spawns more victories, so that these two wrestling legends maul each other to the bitter (oh so bitter) finish. There's not a minute of this match that doesn't sting like a stun gun. This is the good shit you don't find anywhere else but BG East. Not for the faint of heart, the match will be boner-bait for some of you, you know who you are â?? and you can't hide from BG East or Guido goddamn Genatto or Kid tough-as-fucking-nails Karisma.

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Guido Genatto vs. Kid Karisma
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Dangling from the ropes like a broken marionette, Karisma takes a twisted armbar

Guido arches off the mat in an effort to unseat the Karismatic One as he rides him

Kid K gets arched over the ropes with a big, choking forearm to the throat

Kid K bears down with a tight, rear naked choke on the bigger, beefier stud

A smirking, smug Guido clamps down tight with his big legs in a tight headscissors

With a big forearm to his lower back, Kid K is force-arched up onto his toes by Guido

Kid Karisma: 5'8, 170 lbs

Kid K's impressive body stretched out in a standing bow-and-arrow across the smiling heel's torso

Karisma groans and grimaces in agony as his ribs are crushed in a reverse bearhug

Karisma arches and writhes painfully as his ribs are crushed by the big legs in a bodyscissors

Kid K screams in agony with his body bent and broken as he's readied for a ceiling hold

Guido's big legs get wrecked as he reaches for the ropes in a punishing leglock

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