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  Cameron Matthews vs. Exavier

Young Cameron Matthews: 5'11, 160 lbs

Exavier battles his way free of a kneeling, powerful headlock by Matthews

Cameron's lean body gets stretched and bent in a full nelson, camel clutch combo

Cameron writhes helplessly on the mat with his patriotic trunks wedged up his perky asscheeks

Cameron suffers as he's carried around the ring in a cocky, fireman's carry

Cameron grits his teeth painfully as his back is brutally bent in a camel clutch

Cut Down to Size!

We take our time machine back again in Ringwars 35's second match, featuring a young Cameron Matthews in his puppy-dog days. We find him alone in the ring, loosening up, stretching. He looks eighteen years old if a day. (Even today he looks alarmingly youthful. Somewhere in a dark locked room, there has to be a picture of him aging quickly) The kid's got some sly sass, jeering Exavier as the surly bruiser enters the ring: "What are you wearing, a broken condom?" Unamused, Exavier replies, "Don't worry about what I'm wearing. It doesn't matter." The image sticks, however: Exavier's trunks are two sizes too small and look like they're made out of a rubber curtain - now it's impossible to look at them and not think "Trojan BareSkins." But we get a good look as Exavier poses to himself.

Exavier, gorgeously arrogant, motions to Cameron to step back. Cameron, just like a rookie, can't stop himself from trying to inch forward. Exavier wants the big mirror to himself. Cameron creeps in. Exavier turns, glaring at him: "You stand there and you wait! When I'm ready, I'll tell you." At last, Exavier deigns to turn his attention towards his young opponent and asks his name. "Cameron Matthews" is the answer, but Cam gives the last name an upward lilt, as if he were asking a question: "Cameron Matthews?" Then he adds, more confidently, "American made." Which probably explains the Stars-and-Stripes trunks he wears. Exavier shakes his head, saying, "Is that supposed to impress me?"

In an old-school heel move, Exavier refuses to shake his opponent's hand. Cameron won't let it go, and the refusal turns into a shoving match. Cameron shoves Exavier. Then Exavier knocks Cameron on his butt. Then, "Mister Generous" Exavier agrees to shake Cameron's left hand. Major control freak, this guy. Cameron reaches out, and Exavier grabs it and twists it up and back. But Exavier is in for a surprise. Cameron works fast, and he's a lot stronger and quicker than the scowling heel expected. Side headlocks, full nelsons, elbow smashes, camel clutches, Boston crabs, the classics - all no sooner escaped than reapplied, stronger and more agonizing than before! Every inch of Exavier hurts.

We're halfway through the match before Exavier can turn the tables on Matthews. If Cameron works deftly like a yoyo, Exavier works like a bulldozer. There's nothing artful or sprightly about Exavier. Like the bully he is, he aims to hurt and destroy. He uses his weight to crush, snap joints, steamroll over, and break bones, if he can. There's a certain monstrous beauty about Exavier in action. The guy is hot in a way a lot of BGE's heels are hot. Every move seems to raise the room temperature several notches. He heaves his body onto Cameron, almost literally squashing him against the turnbuckles; the next second, he's thrusting his pelvis forward and wagging his ass like a go-go boy. And there's nothing wrong with that! But will Cameron spring back? Can he? Will Exavier be forced to pay a price for his villainy? All we're saying is somebody's gonna get smashed, and he won't be getting up, and he won't know what the fuck hit him. Classic, unequaled BG East ring action.

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Cameron Matthews vs. Exavier
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Exavier shoves hard, tossing a careening Cameron crashing helplessly to the canvas

Cameron's lean body gets lifted and bent in a neck-breaking hangman's hold

Cameron gets his leanly muscled body ground into the turnbuckles with a knee to his back

Exavier stretches his foe out in a painful crucifix double armbar on the mats

Cameron is hoisted up off of the mats in a backbreaking, suspended bow-and-arrow

Cameron rolls, reaching out desperately for the safety of the ropes to escape more punishment

Exavier: 5'9, 185 lbs

Cameron carries his bigger opponent up and over, crashing to the mat with an armhook

With a big knee to the back, Cameron ratches up the pressure on a backbending submission

Cameron's world is turned upside down as he's carried in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker

Exavier celebrates with a cocky double bicep flex over his prostrated foe

Exavier gazes down on his handiwork with a big boot to his opponent's heaving pecs

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