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  Apollo vs. Pablo the Punisher

Apollo: 6', 230 lbs

Apollo realizes his mistake much too late as Pablo punishes him in a crushing handlock

Apollo is brought crashing down to the mat and struggles to free himself from Pablo's paws

Pablo delights in the beating he's laying down as Apollo crawls, holding his lower back

Apollo finds himself helpless, legs twisted up torturously in Pablo's powerful clutches

Pablo the sadist watches in pleasure as Apollo writhes, hand trapped under his big boot

Beauty and a Beast

"Where do you find these guys?" is a question the Boss is asked all of the time - and the question is valid. How long has the Boss been finding hot, sexy, sadistic wrestlers on the underground scene and luring them into the Arena with promises of money and stardom? And of babyfaces the Boss wants to see destroyed? Take Pablo the Punisher.

A former indie pro while still an amateur champ in high school, the big man has been working as a bouncer and security guard in the years since. Given his size, it's seems only natural - he's one big beefy boy! The Boss saw him eject someone from the stands at a sporting event, picking the dude up by the scruff of the neck and dog-walking him out of the stadium. Impressed, the Boss gave Pablo his card and standard pitch - and Pablo called the next day. He's missed the legal - and illegal - mayhem of wrestling since high school, and the Boss has just the man for Pablo to dish out some of the long pent-up physical frustration: Apollo.

Named for the Greek god of Light, the Arts and Beauty, the ring name is apt. Apollo has been working the indy circuit waiting for a break while sharpening his ring skills and presence. On seeing him, the Boss couldn't wait to find the right moment to break him in too. Thickly muscled and with a smile that lights up the entire ring, Apollo has what it takes to make a star: looks, muscle, agility...and he makes sure Pablo knows it once he arrives at the ring! "Look at me!' Apollo beams, striking a muscle pose and smiling for the mirror, "you'll never be able to catch me, big man."

But what Pablo lacks in speed and finesse he makes up for in brute strength and bad attitude. Guys like Apollo have always thought they were better than Pablo - making fun of his size, giving him workout tips, laughing at him when he can hear them - and as Apollo flexes and smiles, the pent-up hatred and rage that has built up inside of Pablo with no outlet bursts up from inside like a Vesuvian-style eruption that may just bury Apollo like Pompeii. As Apollo dances around him, slapping and punching at him before moving out of his reach with a nasty sneering laugh, the rage keeps building...until Apollo makes the fatal error of locking up with Pablo and getting within his reach! A brutal smack across the face sends Apollo sprawling to the mat, dazed, ears ringing, lights flashing around his eyes.

Silly Apollo - you never give a bigger and stronger opponent the chance to get a hold of you. Apollo struggles mightily against the ponderous, powerful onslaught from the big man, but he can't lift him! His blows might push Pablo back a step or two, even once getting him back into a corner - but his efforts are for naught as Pablo just slaps him aside like an annoying flea. The action moves all around the ring, and even out of it - but Apollo just can't maintain any momentum against the angry big man.

And as Apollo's strength starts to fail, his endurance running dry and his muscles refusing to keep going on, Pablo's eyes start glinting as he begins getting creative with the torture he is putting Apollo's hapless body through, even emitting an evil chuckle now and then... just what the Boss likes to see. You will too!

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Apollo vs. Pablo the Punisher
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Demolition 37 Arena Galleries

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A chicken wing variation has Apollo in a precarious position with his exposed obliques obliterated

Trapped under Pablo's punishing, crushing weight, Apollo scrambles in a bid to escape

An abstretch has Apollo's muscles getting torturously ripped apart, his ribs bent over Pablo's knee

A wicked ankle lock has Apollo screaming and howling in agony in no man's land!

The sense and taste gets smacked out of Apollo's head from a big swipe from Pablo

Pablo puts his head into it, driving his skull into his victim's back in a bow-and-arrow variation

Pablo the Punisher: 5'10, 240 lbs

Solid beef vs mouthwatering muscle, Pablo and Apollo circle each other in the middle of the ring

Apollo refuses to be pushed around as he drives the bald beefy bruiser into the turnbuckles

Apollo groans and grimaces, clawing and gasping for air in a rib-crushing bearhug

Apollo's thickly muscled body gets bent and stretched out in a joint-testing submission hold

Apollo seated and trapped in a chicken-wing variation as Apollo continues to shred his obliques

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