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  Nathan FX vs. Ash DeLeon

Nathan FX: 6'1, 170 lbs

Ash has never met a set of abs he hasnt wanted to test and Nathan's impressive core is no exception

Ash adds insult to injury with a vicious ball claw as Nathan suffers in an vicious abstretch

Ash uses whatever he can get his hands on in a bid to break the bodacious jobber's abs

Nathan sees (and feels!) his advantage slipping away with his crotch suffering a crippling claw

Nathan jsut wants this torture to end, but the heel drags him up by his rasping throat

Gutbash Surprise: "Dude, Those are my abs!"

Nathan FX just might be too easy-going of a guy to ever become a wrestling champion, but the model-perfect body, good looks, and dude-bro mentality do make him a star! After hearing that Ash DeLeon, who has a huge gut-punching fetish, had mentioned on several occasions that he was salivating for the chance to get his fists on Nathan's abs, Nathan just grinned, flexed his abs, and said, "He ain't man enough to bust my gut! Sign me up!"

Anyone else would realize it's not a good sign (and run for the hills) when Ash shows up at the ring sporting thick boxing gloves, but not our confident, nothing-bad-can-happen-to-me Nathan! He's confident his abs can stand up to anything Ash might have in store for them - and he does have a magnificent set of them! He's doing crunches to tighten them up even more for the match when Ash climbs through the ropes with that now-familiar sadistic sneer on his face. What a beautiful fly to catch in his web!

Ash watches the crunches of the heavenly bod, sees the sweat forming in the hair in Nathan's armpits and abdominal ridges, and finally he gets too impatient to wait! Dropping down quickly to his knees next to the beauteous dude-bro, he starts slamming those oh-too-perfect abs with both fists and the kind of downward momentum that could shove Nathan's navel back up against his spine! As Nathan struggles to get his bearings and put up a defense, Ash is stripping the hunk out of his boxing trunks leaving him only wearing a pair of underwear.

Nathan isn't just a pretty face and a hot body, though - he does know what he's doing, and maybe he doesn't have the necessary cruel streak to dominate and humiliate his opponents, but he can defend himself and make some moves of his own. There is some back and forth, with Ash always moving in for another killer attack on the weakening, reddening ribbed abdominal muscles of his bro-foe. Ash even takes the occasional low-blow shortcut to getting the upper hand back when FX rallies. How much abuse can Nathan take though? His rallies become shorter, and the abuse between them keeps getting more vicious and brutal - and longer. Panting, drenched in sweat, his abs red as a boiled lobster, Nathan somehow keeps trying to fight back...but this pretty boy doesn't stand a chance with the relentless work over he's getting fist to mid-section and beyond.

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Nathan FX vs. Ash DeLeon
31 minutes

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Ash finds himself in trouble as he gets full-nelsoned and stretched out by his taller opponent

Ash's heel cred is on the rocks as he gets wedgied by the underclassmen with his face in the mats

Nathan may have bitten off more than he can chew as his abs start to crumble under Ash's knee

Ash finds himself brought to his knees, draped in the corner as the blonde works his nipples over

Ash won't leave Nathan any way to protect himself, locking him down and wailing away on his core

Nathan gets his balls knocked up into his throat as Ash unleashes a vicious low blow

Ash DeLeon: 5'8, 160 lbs

You can almost see the gears turning in Ash's head as he sets about a methodical gut demolition

Nathan's abs aren't the only thing imperilled as he gets his spine snapped over Ash's knee

His arms trapped behind him, Nathan gets his midsection tenderized by the bare-knuckled brawler

The sadistic DeLeon makes his victim watch as he lays waste to his already beleaguered core

Nathan gets yanked off his feet in a reverse bearhug by his shorter foeand struggles to free himself

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