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  Seon Cruz vs. Masked Menace

Seon Cruz: 6', 157 lbs

Menace takes Seon into the belly of BG East HQ and works him over in a crotch clawing chokehold

Seon melts under the machinations of Masked Menace as he continues to manipulate his rod

Thrashing and arching, Seon screams and struggles desperatelt in a skull-crushing headscissors

Menace's total mastery of Seon's bod has his brain short circuiting under his sensual onslaught

Seon desperately tries to find some offense but finds himself helplessly pillared instead

Terror in Green

The Masked Menace didn't get his name from having a warm and fuzzy wrestling persona. Menace might seem like a playful word, with its call back to childhood cartoons, but menace isn't just a name, it's an inherent character trait. Masked Menace likes striking fear into the hearts of hapless foes, but he also prefers the ones who dismiss his skill and his ability - the ones who think they have a shot at wringing out a pin or submission after a sweat-soaked battle. But that mask he wears has haunted the nightmares of many past foes...

Seon has everything Menace likes to take apart, piece by piece and limb by limb. Handsome, with a lean and toned muscular body, a great smile and a winning personality, Seon's lack of success with his matches in the vaunted BGEast Arena doesn't change his spirit and attitude. He likes to compete, he likes to wrestle, he likes to match up his body with someone else's and sees who comes out on top. A great attitude - but the wrong philosophy for BGEast. He's been humiliated, humbled, and harassed in ways that would make most wrestlers flee, and ghost the Boss' emails or calls. Yet Seon never turns down a match, and approaches each with an optimistic attitude... that never lasts long once the bell has rung.

Seon knows how to wrestle and his body is super-conditioned to take pain - but the Menace has an arsenal and his body is just as conditioned to give out pain. Nothing pushes the Menace like the whimpers and cries of a falling, failing foe. He feeds off their pain, it drives him to switch to even nastier holds, to crueler, still more painful variations ... Yet tough Seon always seems to bounce back, ready for more. And Menace always has more to give - more menacing brutality, more punches and forearm smashes, chokes and scissors and nelsons - and that beautiful package concealed within Seon's trunks is sometimes just too tempting to not grab hold of! Why not kick it? Why not stand on it? You can almost see the pleasure in Menace's eyes as he twists and pounds Seon again and again. Seon's grunts, groans and cries go straight to the pleasure center behind that mask.

Seon's strength begins to ebb, his eyes flashing fear or simply shut in agony, as the Menace draws from some sadistic inner pool of viciousness... It's made more terrifying by the silence behind the mask. Menace lets his sweat-soaked body do the taunting for him. He slows down with each transition to something even more brutal and controlling, as Menace's lust for victory over Seon's lithe form continues to grow. Going for broke, the sweat soaks through his singlet and his mask, the struggling of an opponent finally nearly choked out of him as he's handcuffed and tied for a beating adding more ab action to this already brutal demolition finale.

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Seon Cruz vs. Masked Menace
32 minutes

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Demolition 37 Arena Galleries

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Bound and trapped against the pillar, Seon is trussed up and silenced in the face of the heel

Seon finds his home on the mat, his lean torso exposed to sensuos liplocking gutbash

Seon sags against the matroom pillar as the masked sadist ensures he can't get away

Seon finds himself seesawing between punishment and pleasure as Menace strokes his pinned bod

Menace's quads clamp down tight on Seon's lean midsection in an unforgiving bodyscissors

Menace simultaneously drags his hapless jobber up by his balls while he grinds his face into the mat

Masked Menace: 5'5, 170 lbs

The border between pain and pleasure is crossed as Menace works Cruz's throbbing bulge

It looks like Seon has some fight in him after all! He battles back in the figure four headscissors

Brought to his knees, Seon arches and fades in an inverted headlock by the flexing heel

With his body locked down, Seon can do nothing but beg for mercy in a vicious crotch claw

Seon sucks the sweaty pit of Menace, stretched out and twisted in a leglocking inverted headlock

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