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  Freddy Campbell vs. Lobo Gris

Lusty Lobo cranks Freddy's soaked gear up his bubble butt and works over his bulge

Dropping that booty on Lobo's face, Freddy gets some payback with some bulge torture of his own

Melting under the erotic assault, Lobo withers, bulges, and throbs in a soul-sucking liplock

Freddy can't help himself and buries his face in Lobo's hairy ass as he's rolled up

Is that all she wrote? Lobo's flexes those luscious biceps in a bulge-smothering schoolboy pin

Round One

BG East sponsored Wrestlefest NYC 2024 not just because we've always tried to support the underground gay wrestling community, but because we are celebrating our 45th Anniversary and this was the perfect way to kick off the festivities! Both venerable institutions have brought together active wrestlers for decades, and BG East sponsored a special Oil Wrestling live event with New York's Leather and Lace private Club, featuring our own superstars of sexy wrrestling, Ash Deleon, Kayden Keller, Freddy Campbell, and Lobo Gris. This international combo was eager to perform, oiled up and glistening, in the kind of NHB anything goes match where erotic action would make up for the obvious slippery handicap to their incredible skills.

The first round started with a random face-off between Freddy Campbell, whose drift to the heel side following his on-again, off again slippery relationship with heel-star Ash, and Lobo Gris, whose slippery identity has veered from earnest Mexican lucha to sexy wolf-teeth role play. Adding to the slipperiness are audience members oiling up the smiling warriors, ready to flaunt and seduce their opponents as they glisten under the lights and em-cee drag artist narrates the action. Leather and Lace hosts stand guard over the tiny but oil filled inflatable mat area on a stage lit by the shining bodies of these two motivated but sliding contestants in their quickly wet bikini gear.

Despite Lobo's aggressive start and slip-sliding holds, Freddy manages to slip away again and again, but the holds these men are able to put on each other despite the viscous liquids coating them will astonish you! In the end, erotic moves make the difference as one BG East star wows the cheering crowd with lip-smacking finality.

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Freddy Campbell vs. Lobo Gris
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It's not all fun and games (or is it..) as Lobo drops a big knee to a trapped Freddie's exposed bulge

Freddy, spurred on by the cheers of the lucky crowd, cranks a headscissors on a locked-down Lobo

Freddy sucks down precious air (amongst other things) and fades in a figure four headscissors

A wrestlefester (and BG alum!) gets his hands all over Lobo as he oils him up for the festivities

Lobo finds himself in Freddy's clutches as he chokes him, stroking his hairy pecs

Pleasure on pain, Freddy locks on a crotch claw whilst sucking the air from his foe in a liplock

Another day at the office, Freddy reclines as his rugby-built quads crush his opponent's ribs

Freddy claws his way on top, riding the lascivious Lobo with another lusty liplock

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