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  Kayden Keller vs. Lobo Gris

Kayden Keller: Keller: 6'2, 175 lbs

This is neither man's first time in this position tonight! Lobo rips an atomic wedgie on Keller

The lusty latino wolf just may be tamed! On all fours as he's choked and crotch clawed simultaneously

Lobo is not going to make this easy for his opponent as he tries to keep his foe's hands away from his crotch

Lobo flexes those thick, perfect biceps for his powerful opponent as he lays claim to those pecs

Runner-Up Match: Heel Baby Oil Heaven

Kayden Keller wastes no time regretting his loss in the tournament's first round, as this gives him the lucky draw to face one of his favorites from the two babyface stars from the first round: Lobo Gris! These two only met in fantasy action before, wrestling via a video game as avatars in Gamer Grappling (a Miscellaneous section product on our site). This time they meet in the flesh, after enjoying the ever-more-excited crowd's volunteers oiling up these two heavyweight BG East stars!

Though constrained by the small stage space, each fighter manages to use his special skills to the max, with Kayden taking the lead in perfecting his oily torture options, to Lobo using his ebullient energy - and sexy glistening body - to tempt Kayden off his game! Kayden remains focused, following up scissors, crotch grabs and wedgies with a low blow or two! But Lobo's bright yellow banana hammock is almost too tempting and soon Kayden finds himself worshipping it face to crotch.

They each love playing to the crowd, but it's when playing with each other that they release their lubed up libidos! Will Kayden lose two in a row in this oily tournament, or will the babyface latin lover fail in his attempts to use his sexy oiled up bod to distract a clearly more powerful opponent! Oil: the ultimate equalizer!

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Kayden Keller vs. Lobo Gris
13 minutes

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Lobo lets out a howl that echoes through the bar as Kayden brings him down with a lowblow

Kayden's crippling quads clamp down tight in a rib-pulverizing bodyscissors, the oil offering no respite

Kayden sinks those claws deep in Lobo's thick, hairy pecs with a savage, punishing double pec claw

Lobo Gris: 5'10, 186 lbs

A cunning, sadistic Kayden is all smiles as he ribs Lobo's gear up his hairy peach ass

Who's luckier? Those in the front row, or Kayden with a face-(and mouth!) full of exultant Lobo's bulge

Kayden gets strung up like a sexy side of beef as Lobo offers a bystander a free sample

Lobo is not going to slink away easily, Kayden yanks his hair and teases his ear with that tongue

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