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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Exavier

Exavier: 5'9 185

Jonny drops an elbow

Get up, big man!

Bearhug on the big man

Killer boston crab

Fans of BG East and brilliant action brace yourself for this new stud! Exavier is Excellent! What a sensational talent! Our little Jonnyboy feigns smugness to ridicule the new ?protégé?- a ballsy bravado masking serious and well-founded concern. After some macho posing, the butting of egos and more, these two grapple fiercely, control switching rapidly back-and-forth. Exavier is every bit as skilled as Jonny and doesn't hesitate to use his superior weight and strength. He also proves every bit Jonny's match when it come to verbal assault and mouthing off, even dubbing the lightweight his ?Little Man?. Soon the Italo-hunk has the ashen Firestorm face-down and grunting, fiercely bending his arms to their threatening extremes. He mistakenly lets up, affording Jonny the opportunity to usurp control, lithely twisting Exavier into a leglock that has the big man screaming and tapping out. The sly lightweight senses a weakness and continually, repeatedly exploits it. But will that be enough for Jonny to overcome Exavier?s other obvious advantages?

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Exavier
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Jonny: 5'5 140

Brutal bow & arrow

Super suplex

Exavier chokes Jonny on the ropes

Exavier in agony

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