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  Nick Naughton vs. Rudy Cortez  


Rudy backdrops Nick

Rudy works a side sleeper

Nick gets naughty; Rudy gets choked!

Shooter vs Probable Pro

Newcomer Nick is a natural: a handsome young stud with pierced nipples, stars tattooed on his upper pecs, trunks that hug his butt like a second skin. When Rudy appears, he barely masks his contempt, laughingly calling him 'little boy'. Rudy may be smaller, but he's hardly a pushover. Also making his debut, his trunks reveal a humpy muscled bod. When the match starts, its obvious Rudy has amateur wrestling experience, dominating the bigger guy with impressive mat work. Nick doesn't get much of a chance to show any offense in the opening fall, as Rudy successfully counters his every move, finally wringing a submission from his bigger foe that sends Nick out of the ring for a breather. When Nick climbs back into the ring, he's had enough of 'this high school crap'. He attacks Rudy launches a deadly assault, using the ring ropes for even more leverage! He steps on Rudy's throat, bringing all of his weight to bear on the smaller guyís windpipe, then drags him to his feet for chops and chokes and a brutal standing head scissors. Rudy rallies and shows he's got some ring credibility of his own, nailing a couple of perfectly executed drop kicks that sends Nick the Naughty rocking and reeling....

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Nick Naughton vs. Rudy Cortez
30 minutes
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