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  Donnie Drake vs. Rico Rave

Donnie Drake

Rico wrenches Donnie's neck

Donnie slams Rico

Rico caught in mid-air

Long-Haired Heel vs Babyface Classic

Donnie Drake is the classic All-American boy-next-door, fresh faced, well-muscled, eager and athletic. Rico Rave, on the other hand, looks mean as a snake and sneaky as a weasel. From initial appearances, you have tro worry about Donnie's chances. But once that bell rings, all bets are off as the two lock up and muscle each other from corner to corner, with Donnie clearly holding his own. A clean break and Rico offers a strength test. Donnie looks to be getting the upper hand when Rico drives a knee into his abs, then follows up with a couple of vicious body slams that leave the pretty boy reeling! His true colors revealed, Rico drags the prettyboy around the ring revelling in wreaking all sorts of havoc on the fair-fighting fair boy! A huge backdrop later and Rico goes for the pin! Donnie barely escapes on the two count and proves his mettle lifting, slamming and throwing the raging rave all over the ring. The action comes fast and furious as each man tries to gain the upper hand. Both are clearly well trained, which becomes more and more evident as neither is able to score that pin or submission. Will the rookie rule or will Rico reign?

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Donnie Drake vs. Rico Rave
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