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  Rio Garza vs. Reese Wells

Rio's giant biceps pose

Garza's award-winning glutes!

Submit, flex or I break your back

Reese struggles to escape

Reese can't take anymore and is forced to flex in submission to Rio's rib-wrecking bodyscissors

UNDAGEAR 16: I said... "Flex When You Submit! Or Else!!!"

Effortlessly lifted aloft into Rio's huge punishing arms and blinded by pain, Reese screams out a submission - which is contemptuously dismissed by Rio as not being good enough! "Flex for me!" Rio demands as he applies even more pressure around Reesee's ribs, every muscle in his upper body popping and flexing as he bends the boyish stud almost in half, "let's see that power!" Despite the agonizing punishment from the brutal bear hug, Reese somehow manages to raise both arms, his biceps popping as a drop of sweat runs from his scalp down the side of his reddening, contorted face as he barely is able to breathe out "I give!" one more time. With a contemptuous laugh, Rio tosses Reese down on the mat like so much garbage, and shows off his own impressive biceps in a mouth-watering pose, while Reesee tries to catch his breath and get back to his feet.

As soon as he stands, Rio applies a vicious double pec claw, his fingers digging into Reesee's meaty muscle fibers. A howl of agony erupts from Reesee's throat as he drops to his knees - and Rio applies even more pressure, digging even deeper into the beauty's pec definition! Down Reese goes to his back - his face reddening, and with a laugh, Rio releases the vicious hold - only to move the claw down to his ripped abs!

Again, screaming in pain and humiliation, Reese is forced to flex before Rio accepts his submission - and Rio certainly enjoys punishing and humiliating the young pro! Reese, broken and in agony lies contorted on his back - and those abs are just too easy a target to pass up! Again and again the sound of Rio's bare foot connecting with the chiseled core resonates, until once again Reese is screaming out "I give! I give!" - words that are music to the Latino musclegod's ears. And pretty damned thrilling to our ears as well!

And Rio once again shows off his amazing musculature in a triumphant victory pose, smiling as he contemplates his battered opponent. It's almost been too easy... "Get up," Rio taunts while he flexes. Humiliated repeatedly, there is determination on Reese's reddened face and anger in his pretty eyes. He wants payback! Cocky Rio dismissively smacks the back of his opponent's head a few times - but the fight has not been stomped out of Reese - not by a long shot and not with so much at stake!

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