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  Rio Garza vs. Reese Wells

Rio asserts his dominance

Suspended leglock torture!

Flex for me pretty boy!

Rio's arms distract even himself

Reese puts on the squeeze! Rio struggles to stay awake, hoping his flexing will satisfy Reese

UNDAGEAR 16 "Show Me Your Abs!"

Reesee has had enough! His eyes glinting with rage, he gets to his knees. To this point, the young pro has been totally and humiliatingly dominated by the model-turned-wrestler. Yet Rio is confident yet - it's been easy thus far, hasn't it? As he moves in to dole out some more punishment on his 'beaten' opponent, a cocky sneer on his lips, he forgets the cardinal rule of wrestling - no one is truly beaten until they can't get up!

A brutal punch to Rio's impressive abs sends the Latin stud reeling, and an forearm smash across the back flattens the sexy stud onto his belly! Karma is a bitch! Reesee is through playing around, and goes to work on Rio's left knee! A vicious knee lock has Rio screaming out "I give!" in a matter of seconds, but karma - and payback - are bitches. "Flex for me!" Reesee demands, adding more pressure to the ligament straining hold. And when Rio does finally flex, humiliation written all over his face, Reesee lets him go for a moment only to go straight back to the knee! "Show me your abs!" Reesee shouts over Rio's groaning submission - and lets him go only to apply a fearsome figure four leglock!

"I geeeve! I geeeve! I geeeve!" Rio shrieks as the pain from his brutalized knee pushes everything else out of his mind, and he rolls on the mat, clutching his knee, as Reesee continues taunt him, "You're not so strong, you're not so tough," as he goes after that aching knee yet again. A spinning toe hold - and this time, Rio flexes his arms as he shouts out his submission, his beautiful face twisted into a mask of agony.

Somehow Rio manages to get to his feet, even though his battered knee buckles whenever he puts weight on it...and enraged he flattens the smaller stud - and in revenge goes after HIS knee. Rio's face twists into a vicious sneer as he shows off his own power by hoisting Reesee into the air by the knee - and Reese screams out a tortured submission as he is suspended in the air, his body twisted like no human body should ever be twisted. And in true tit for tat, Rio demands that Reesee flex and pose before releasing the suspended submission leglock. But young Reesee is not finished - not by a long shot!

This one will NOT end until someone's unconscious and chiseled body is stretched out in utter, humiliated, demolished defeat with the winner flexing and posing above him in glorious muscular triumph - by choice and not by demand! And the answer to the nature versus nurture question is answered - at least for now!

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Rio trampled as Reese flexes and poses triumphant - by choice - at least for the moment!

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