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  Eddy Rey vs. Donnie Drake

Eddy Rey - 6'1, 220

Donnie pummels Eddy's tight abs

Bulging knee to the back boston

Ball grab, Donnie gets dirty!

Where's the ref!? No escape for Eddy as Donnie locks on a sleeper employing the top rope

In A Word: Epic

Eddy and Donnie are two of BGE's sexiest toughs. Donnie has undergone a startling metamorphosis, both in physique and in character. His body is getting stronger, its lines sleek, symmetrical, and firm. Simultaneously, he has developed ferocity not at all apparent when he first stepped into the BGE ring. Just recently he was honored with his second Wrestler Spotlight. In the opposite corner, Eddy matches Donnie pound for pound and inch for inch. Eddy's body is solid as a bullet. In his two previous bouts here, he has faced Lon Dumont, in a novel and deliriously exciting forced-to-flex match, and Aryx Quinn, whom he fought nearly to a standoff till he teamed up with The Boss to exact some savage and terrible punishment on the renegade Quinn. In both matches, which have not always worked out in his favor, Eddy exudes the flash and fire of his native Brazil. Bringing these two wrestlers together, then, is An Event. Here is a clash of two wrestling titans.

The very first thing we see is Eddy's crotch covered in lime-green spandex, his thick, hairy thighs flexing underneath, as he preens in front of the mirror. He is less beautiful than awe-inspiring (though he is, do not doubt it, a very beautiful man), built sturdy and strong, a born fighter. In his near nakedness, there is not even a milligram of vulnerability. The man is a brick wall. Donnie charges into the ring, railing at Eddy for stealing his lime-green tag-team tights. Confident and nonplussed, Eddy couldn't care less about the stupid trunks. He was just fucking with Donnie. A psychological ploy, which worked if what Eddy wanted was to fight a raging bull. He removes them to reveal his even skimpier trademark trunks, loosely laced over his gigantic bulge. Donnie snatches the green trunks, burned by the insult and disrespect. Fired up, the wrestlers throw a few punches and jump right into the action, obligatory Hunkbash posedown be hanged.

Eddy's cool head gives him the advantage. He tosses hothead Donnie into the turnbuckle and then slams him to the mat like a sack of grain. With a face that favors Jean-Claude Van Damme from some angles and Ravishing Rick Rude from others, while transcending both, Eddy evinces a confidence and composure that are proof of his ring experience. Eddy torments Donnie, savoring every minute of it, even as Donnie swears, through gritted teeth, to make him "pay for this." In a brilliant show of nerve, Eddy mounts Donnie's chest, pinning the man's arms with his boots, while he strikes double bicep poses towards the mirror, Donnie humiliatingly helpless as he kicks and swears underneath. There's something magnificent and gladiatorial about both these men. Nothing boyish or cute about either of them - they are formidable and highly capable men, in an epic confrontation of wills and muscles, in the manner of Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

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Eddy Rey vs. Donnie Drake
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Eddy squat pins Donnie D

Donnie's hot body fully stretched out as he pours it all into this bow & arrow submission hold

Donnie Drake - 6'1, 205

Donnie's suspended hangman hold

DD's abdominal stretch variation

Hangman choke in the corner

Donnie's mouth is agape in pain and shock as Eddy goes low with a groping groin grab

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