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  Angelo Damato vs. Matt Reid

Angelo Damato 5'8 175

Leg up! School boy pinned

Matt puts the big squeeze on Angelo

Angelo controls Matt with a half nelson and a sly heel to the groin

Using his knees to immobilize his arms and his heels to keep him trapped, Matt folds Angelo in half

Be careful what you ask for...

Matt Reid has faced more than his fair share of big, brutal battlers at BG East. In fact, he's virtually made a career of it! Ever since his unexpected promotion from behind the camera to in front of it, his smallest opponent has been Bulldog Barzini, which is like saying his fairest fight was against a chainsaw! He's been manhandled by the best and biggest, and he's learned the hard way that there's always someone bigger and badder waiting around the corner at BGE. Matt is a big, aggressive boy himself and he's been itching to test out his chops as a full-on bully. "Give me a little piece of something I can crush," he pleaded as he negotiated with The Boss for his next match.

In a happy coincidence, Angelo was lobbying for a match with someone "big, slow, and dumb." He has solid amateur credentials making him a threat to just about anyone on the mats, and he boasts an impressive record against some of BGE's most accomplished matmen. What Angelo has been craving, though, is a face-off with someone from the big-n-beefy corner of the BGE stable. He's been aching for the opportunity to unleash his speed and mat savvy to dismantle and humiliate one of the big boys.

When the two wrestlers arrive for their match, Angelo baits Matt, charging him from behind and shoving him into the wall. Matt chuckles dismissively. "Okay, I see how you want to play this," he responds. As Angelo takes his time warming up and slowly peeling out of his street clothes, Matt rolls his eyes, sneering at the camera. He's already seeing visions of manhandling his smaller opponent. With lightening speed, Angelo catches the big man flat-footed, lifting him off his feet and slamming him hard to his back. Matt quickly powers back on top, crushing Angelo between his knees, Matt leans back, fingers laced behind his head, and chuckles: "You're not going anywhere," he taunts.

But Matt's bully fantasy is repeatedly interrupted by the skill, deceptive strength, and fierce tenacity of Angelo. Every time Matt thinks he's got Angelo at his mercy, the mat veteran applies just the right pressure at just the right angle to slip free and launch a blistering counter attack. In a stunning reversal of fortune, Matt is astonished by the power of Angelo's body scissor crushing the air out of his lungs. He almost can't believe the sound of his own voice as he gasps, "All right... I give!" First fall to the feisty Italian!

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Angelo Damato vs. Matt Reid
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Matt Reid 6' 210

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Bridging headscissor variant

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