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  Hoyt Riley vs. Mitch Colby

Hoyt Riley 6' 190

Hoyt pounds on Mitch's pecs

Translucent trunks, big ballzy bulge

Hot action = more sweat!

Two mature sexy MEN in a double sweat-hog mat match: Hoyt squeezes a throat choking headscissors

Calling All MEN! - The Bar Fighter and the BG Veteran

Tattoo-covered Hoyt Riley has been thrown out of almost as many bars as he's visited. It's not that he goes looking for fights, but somehow fights seem to always find him. He's taken a few beatings, but he's proud to point out that he's dished out a lot more than he's taken. One such contretemps, versus BG superstar Cole Cassidy ended in a handshaking draw. Cole told Hoyt about BGE and, always eager to make a few extra bucks, Hoyt figured he'd be happy to unload an ass-whoopin' on some of those "primped, fitness model pretty boys". What could be better than getting paid to kick ass?

When Hoyt eagerly anticipated kicking some pretty boy ass, he didn't have in mind the likes of big Mitch Colby! Mitch instantly earns respect from Hoyt as he steps onto the mats. Mitch is a big man, solidly past the 200 mark and obviously powerful. Few men would fail to think twice about squaring off against as impressive a man as Mitch. Although Hoyt can't help but have some cautious respect for Mitch's size, he's faced bigger men before and come out on top. He has no intention of this turning out any differently.

They start with a sportsmanly handshake, but this immediately looks more like a street fight than anything else. The action is instantly fast and furious. Mitch may have an advantage in strength and size, but Hoyt is used to doing whatever it takes to even the score. An intense scramble on the mats quickly turns vicious as both men trade body blows. Within the first five minutes, they've both submitted, and the pace only picks up from there. Mitch clearly relishes the back alley style challenge posed by this tattooed tough guy. Hoyt's Achilles heel seems to be getting caught between Mitch's crushing thighs, and so Mitch makes certain to catch him there repeatedly. With Hoyt's head trapped, Mitch takes his time slowly building the pressure on Hoyt's skull while raining down fists on the tattooed tummy splayed out so vulnerably. Hoyt bitterly hangs on as Mitch taunts him and continues to pound his abs and pecs. Finally, with nowhere to go, the bar fight bad-boy submits, handing Mitch the lead, two falls to one.

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Hoyt Riley vs. Mitch Colby
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Mitch relishes controlling the rookie with a tight scissors of his own

Hot Hoyt suffers and splutters in a figure 4 headscissor & schoolboy

Mitch Colby 6'2 195

School boy pin on the rookie

Mitch trapped in Hoyt's scissors

Cradle pin, Hoyt rolls Mitch back

Bulges collide, glutes flex as Mitch mouths off to Hoyt ordering him to submit to his bearhug

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