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  Tyrell Tomsen vs. Jobe Zander

Tyrell Tomsen - 5'11, 185 lbs.

Tyrell suffers in total agony clutching his battered bulge as Jobe winds to deliver another blow

Tyrell grinds his bulge into Jobe's ass, squeezing Zander's breath out with tight reverse bearhug

Tyrell used as a makeshift throne as The Centerpiece applies his patented submission finisher

Bombs away! His Centerpiece may bulge but Jobe's chest is about to get butt-bombed and flattened!

Sweaty, sexy Tyrell points to his own big bad bulge, daring Jobe to challenge his bulbous manhood

A New 'Centerpiece'!?!? A Big BG Ball-Bashing Bonanza

Jobe Zander is decidedly unimpressed (or at least pretends to be) when he finds hot hunk Tyrell Tomsen flexing his magnificent muscles in the ring. "I've fought bigger monsters than you for years in this business," Jobe sneers. "I know how to win the hard way." Climbing into the ring, Jobe invites his opponent to take a look at "the Centerpiece" of Jobe's hot body, namely his legendarily mammoth package. "Now THAT'S what you call impressive!" he smirks, swiveling his hips and shaking his bulging behemoth basket.

Fans will recognize this as classic Jobe Zander: Hunky, handsome, irrepressibly brash and bullish with a surfeit of bragadoccio, not to mention that eye-poping bulge. Jobe has been leading with his colossal cock, pouch protruding, in one match after another, to varying degrees of success. As you might imagine, it's a rather dangerous strategy, calling such obvious attention to one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of the male anatomy.

On the one hand, more than a few opponents have clearly been unsettled by the monumental meat charging straight at them. In the intimate, sweaty confines of the BG East wrestling ring, impressive assets like that which Jobe possesses can make a wrestler think twice about what may be heading their way in the event of defeat. But with a bullseye that enormous, and with an enormous ego to match, Jobe's Centerpiece can become a target that few opponents can avoid abusing, even if they wanted to.

Like Jobe, Tyrell's track record with BG East has also been rather been inconsistent. He possesses a phenomenal physique, one of the best in the BGE ranks, and he has a mesmerizing intensity in the ring. But with all of that raw muscle and talent, he has been unceremoniously upended many times by his own naïveté. Returning to the ring a little wiser each time, Tyrell is still waiting for that breakout match, that signature victory that signals he's much more than just a pretty face and a fantastic body.

A shocking slap to Tyrell's handsome face turns the heat way up in an instant as these two ambitious wrestlers lock horns and get down to the business at hand. Jobe very soon pays for that unsportsmanlike opener. With high impact slams and stomps, Tyrell's overwhelming power dishes out pounding pain all over Jobe's lean body.

But we have learned that you should never prematurely count Jobe out. His extensive experience on the pro circuit and his obvious delight in cutting corners keep this match evenly fought, retreating outside the ring to stall Tyrell's momentum and dropping the muscle hunk to his knees with a vicious punch to the balls. "See, this is what I love about this business," he taunts. "Guys like you make this easy!"

If Jobe honestly expected it would be easy to beat Tyrell, he's sorely disappointed. Snapping Jobe up in a sweaty bearhug, the powerhouse muscle hunk threatens to snap him in half. And judging by Jobe's screams and Tyrell's spectacularly huge, flexing biceps, it isn't an idle threat! Sweat is pouring off both bodies as they trade submissions, each one a little more humiliating, each taunting fall winding up both wrestlers' enormous egos harder.

Already bordering on unhinged, something snaps in Jobe's delicate psyche when Tyrell announces that not only will he emerge victorious, but he also plans to steal Jobe's signature moniker and anoint his own prodigious package as the new Centerpiece of BG East! The ensuing ball bashing battle is nothing short of spectacular! Spreadeagled in the corner, Jobe stomps Tyrell's crotch like a wild man. When Tyrell latches on a savage ball claw of his own, he parades his whimpering prey around the ring in total control.

You may very well be surprised by who walks out of the ring laying claim to the title of BG East's Resident Centerpiece, but you most definitely will not be disappointed!

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Jobe's thighs ratchet up the pain with a cranium-cracking headscissors

This is the ONLY Centerpiece!

Is this the end for Tyrell Tomsen? Jobe Zander arrogantly pins his fallen foe for the 1...2... ?

Tough Tyrell Tomsen bearhugs a suffering and pitifully pounding Jobe up over his shoulder

Jobe doubles up from Tyrell's payback low-blow: How do YOU like it?

Tyrell seizes the Centerpiece by the throat AND his prized centerpiece!

Jobe Zander - 6', 190 lbs.

Snarky Jobe snarls as he strangles his terrorized and trapped opponent Tyrell Tomsen in the ropes

A case of penis envy? Jobe goes dirty with a low-blow

With his opponent backed into the corner Jobe chokes and tramples Tyrell underfoot

Displaying his powerful glutes, Tyrell jerks jobe up off his feet into yet another brutal bearhug

Jobe gets jocked: The suffering Centerpiece soothes his busted and battered bulge

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