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  Logan Vaughn vs. Trey Dixon

Logan Vaughn - 5'10", 195 lbs of muscular perfection

Trey tied up tight in a spectacular tree of woe headscissors

Trey gasps for air in Logan's tight, torturous japanese strangle hold

A double bicep flex as Trey experiences a Great Awakening

Worshipping at the Altar of Logan, Trey pays homage to his muscled god

A flexing Logan gazes upon his faithful, Trey's supplicant lips at his crotch

Wrestling, Muscle Worship, and Self-Discovery

After Logan Vaughn's debut match, the adult entertainment superstar was asking if anyone got the license plate number of the truck that had just hit him. We've seen few ring initiations as brutal as the one Logan suffered at the hands, and feet, and legs, and pecs of pro heel Lane Hartley. But the real surprise was that, once he regained consciousness, deep down, Logan loved it. What he lacks in experience, he more than makes up for in enthusiasm for the homoeroticism of starring in a hot, sweaty, brutal wrestling match.

There may be no one putting as much explicit homoeroticism into wrestling today than Trey Dixon. He has been stoking the lustful desires of opponents and fans alike with an intensely aggressive style and undisguised pleasure in delivering and receiving corporal punishment. You don't have to read between the lines when it comes to what motivates Trey to climb back in the ring again and again. Nothing turns him on harder, and no one could be a better match to continue Logan's introduction to the erotic depths of BG East wrestling.

Logan is a pro wrestling hunk vision in metallic green trunks and platinum hair. His bare feet and gargantuan, hairy quads are reminiscent of classic babyface pro wrestling heroes of the 80's. In orange trunks and knee pads, Trey's conditioning is superhuman, as always. "I'm wondering what you have?" the veteran snarls in his sexy, Southern drawl. Logan just points to his fabulous, flexed monster quads and promises to show Trey exactly what he has.

The opening flurry is all muscle and power. With a shove to the chest, Logan literally picks Trey up off his feet and catapults him into a corner. The veteran dives for a single leg takedown, but he can't even budge the tree trunks Logan has so firmly planted in the middle of the ring. The blond muscle hunk rookie literally laughs in his face before rolling to his back and snapping his huge thighs around Trey's midsection.

The trapped veteran screams in agony as Logan leans back and confidently, even leisurely rests his hands behind his head to watch with growing pleasure the crushing destruction his phenomenal legs deliver. Trey sucks on the pain, his face etched in agony as he slowly clenches a fist to beat his captor's gut. "Put that fist back down, boy!" Logan commands, flexing his quads harder and milking excruciating obedience out of the veteran.

Logan was clearly taking notes when he was getting schooled by Lane Hartley and he's only too happy to demonstrate what he learned on the lighter Trey. Trampling, chokes, sensationally sexy headscissors and tenderizing gut punches rain down all over a shocked and shaken Trey Dixon. A sensationally sexy reverse bearhug sucks the air out of the veteran's lungs. But again and again, resist as Trey might, he keeps getting one body part after another trapped viciously between Logan's mammoth thighs.

The rookie is shining like a rising star, and it's not just the glistening sweat coating his beautiful body. He's into this moment with a passion, and when his battered and bruised opponent tentatively, breathlessly reaches up to feel the power in his headliner legs, Logan gives him precise and detailed instructions on the proper way to worship his phenomenal physique. Like the right key turning the tumblers of a stubborn lock, Trey opens up into a slack jawed worshiper attending to every muscle, every bulge, with his lips and tongue.

And just when Trey is entirely under the muscle rookie's hypnotic spell, Logan snaps his monster quads around the worshipful veteran's head and starts the will-bending corporal punishment all over again. Domination and worship, agony and ecstasy, work-overs in the corners and on the ropes, head scissors galore - this match is a perfect blend of passions, cravings, and temperaments to speak directly to what turns you on most about wrestling!

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Trey's thighs are powerful in their own right, working a headscissor on the rookie

Trey suspends himself from the top rope as he tightens his headscissors

Trey forced to choke himself out as Logan works a jap strangle

Rookie Logan gets inventive, trapping the rope-tied Trey in a figure four leglock

A crucified Trey's exposed abs offered up as sacrifice to the salivating stud

Dangling from the turnbuckles, Trey suffers a standing figure four headscissors variation

Trey Dixon - 5'10", 160 lbs

Trey's quads clutch and crush Logan's skull in a rope-assisted dip

Logan's thick arms caught up in a neck-cranking full nelson

Trey tries to battle back from a tightly applied hammerlock

Logan's tree trunk thighs bulge out as Trey tastes his muscled master's sweat

Trey dangles helplessly from the ropes as Logan closes in

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