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  Rio Garza vs. Mitch Colby

Rio Garza - 6', 190 lbs

The two titans pose-off! Ripped underwear model boy versus big beefy powerlifting daddy!

Mitch reluctantly taps out to Rio's rope-assisted figure four headscissors

Who works it better? Mitch locks on his own camel clutch

Rio brings all his muscle to bear as he powers out of a tight bodyscissors

Rio's ripped frame stretched out in an over the knee backbreaker

Not Just Another Pretty Face

Poor Rio Garza, he just gets no respect. The stunningly handsome underwear model and champion physique competitor has come a long way since getting consistently steam rolled earlier in his BG East wrestling career. Never discouraged, always keen to learn, with a hunger for that precious wrestling victory dangling just out his reach, Rio is a serious competitor and an honest threat to just about anyone he faces these days, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the sweet combination of enmity and desire he awakens in his opponents. He definitely arouses both the best and the worst in his BG foes!

Truth be told, he has put a serious hurt on some of our toughest wrestlers lately, and even when dirty tricks have snatched victory out from underneath him at the last minute, he has proven repeatedly that he can be a legitimate contender. But he's so damn pretty! It's at least part of the reason so many guys enjoy putting the hurt on him! Always discounted as nothing more than a pretty underwear model, Rio is out for some long overdue respect.

"Little model boy," Mitch Colby sneers at Rio, "you think you're tough?" Mitch isn't about to hand Rio an ounce of unearned respect when they square off in the ring. Bigger, harder, and with significantly more wrestling success than any sizzling hot Latino underwear model, Mitch is a wrestler no one dares to underestimate. And he collects pretty little opponents like trophies, taming them in the ring and claiming them afterward for his private pleasure. Stakes may have never been higher for sizzling hot sex object Rio.

The action is intensely intimate from the start. With a controlling hand at the back of Rio's head, Mitch puts the physique star down to the mat like a stubborn pup. Out muscled and out maneuvered, Rio writhes desperately to dig himself out of the hole he's already in. Mitch is in rare form, chaining together punishing holds with calm confidence. A leg lock slides smoothly into breath stealing bodyscissors. Mitch digs his knees deep into his opponent's magnificently muscled core, as the pretty boy flexes and strains to free himself.

Armbars and chin locks stretch Rio's fabulous physique to the limits. Suddenly a hard won reversal plants big Mitch's handsome face right against Rio's bulging pecs in a vicious headlock. Leveraging his agile, athletic body beautifully, he cranks his frustrated opponent's neck relentlessly, making Mitch's face flush bright pink. "You fucker," Mitch's mutters are muffled with his mouth smashed against Rio's beefy chest. "You'll pay for this!"

If anyone thinks this is destined to be a squash, think again. The battle of muscle and technique is surprisingly even, and both wrestlers score submissions back and forth. Mitch ups the ante by not only humiliating Rio in a schoolboy pin, but giving him a taste of what may be to come by shoving the Latino hunk's face hard into his happy crotch. "You can't wrestle for shit, but you've got the body, I'll give you that," Mitch sneers.

It's time to put up or shut up for Rio Garza. Respect is earned at BG East. If he wants this match to end in any way other than having his face trapped tightly between Mitch's monster thighs, it's time for the underwear model to prove he's a contender. A flurry of pec punches knock the big man on his heels, and suddenly it's Mitch's face trapped intimately in Rio's face-to-crotch figure-4. Whatever Mitch thought he knew about Rio, he (and you) are about to learn something new. And one way or another, someone is going to get dragged from the ring by his hair to exact long overdue satisfaction from the loser in the showers!

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Rio's magnificent musculature flexed to the max with a debilitating headscissors

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The two sexy superstars circle each other like hungry sharks

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The ripped underwear model's muscles torqued in a big abstretch

Golden boy Rio's trunks crawl up his crack as he suffers in Mitch's mighty monstrous bearhug

A humiliating schoolboy has Rio sucking daddy's bulge

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