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  Big Barry Burke vs. Kip Sorell

Big Barry Burke: 6'0, 260

Kip foolishly accepts the much bigger stud's challenge to a test of strength

A two-handed choke lifts Kip's body off of his feet

Kip cries out in agony as Barry lifts his suffering, sweaty bod up in a swing

Burke's reverse surfboard threatens to yank Kip's shoulders from his sockets

Barry lets out a battle roar as he pours the pressure into a neck cranking headlock

Why Do They Keep Killing Kip?!

Ever since Lon Dumont bashed him into unconsciousness over and over again in Demolition 18, each time waking him to the exact same scenario, Kip Sorell has been questioning reality. Then he faced an actual monster in Guido Genatto. Zach Reno choked the life out of him with sleeper after sleeper after sleeper. The Beast, Brute Baynard, nearly broke his back after throwing more bearhugs Kip's way than any one wrestler has ever taken in a single match. Is it any surprise, then, that Kip hasn't been sure whether he's awake or in the absolute worst nightmare imaginable? And that nightmare is about to take a dark, dark turn!

For some reason, all of the nastiest heels of BG East, especially the Big Guys, really want to take on Kip Sorell. Actually, that's not quite right. They don't want to just take him on. They want to beat on him, hurt him, visit unspeakable pain upon him. In short, they want to absolutely DEMOLISH him! Maybe it's jealousy over Kip's amazing looks and sculpted figure, or maybe it's that perfect face that's just begging to be pulverized. Whatever it is, there's no shortage of brutal muscle giants begging the Boss to get their hands on Kip. And the biggest giant of them all is stomping his way, right now!

Of course, Kip Sorell has no idea why every heel at BG East is gunning for him. He has no idea why he keeps getting so many matches that leave him bruised and battered for weeks at a time. He almost never knows who his opponent is gonna be ahead of time, cause the Boss likes to keep him in the dark until his opponent suddenly appears before him. Sometimes, like right now, he doesn't even know he's scheduled for a match!

Which is why, cute and sexy and content as can be, little Kip is relaxing and stretching in the ring, aiming to get in a little solo practice. But as Kip is daydreaming about better times, a palpable sense of fear hits as the massive shadow of his unexpected opponent falls over him. Looking up, way way way up, the only thing filling Kip's vision is the giant Big Barry Burke! Of all the heels at BG East, Burke may just be the biggest and baddest, and he's been waiting a long, long time to wreck this pretty boy. Kip realizes this isn't a dream. He's still stuck in his awful nightmare.

Lightly hopping to his feet, the difference between the two couldn't be more apparent. Both have clearly defined muscles all over, but Burke's are just sooooooo much bigger! Wanting to have a little fun before his new toy gets broken, Big Barry challenges Little Kip to a test of strength. Giving up over 100 lbs, Kip should have just bolted for the door, but you can't escape nightmares. With seemingly no effort at all, Big Barry Burke crushes poor Kip's hands. Well, if he's gonna break that easily, Burke might as well just break him all over!

What follows is one of the most brutal demolitions of a wrestler ever caught on tape. Burke literally walks all over his opponent, and jumps on him with his entire weight, and crushes his windpipe with a Big Giant Boot. Monster thighs pulverize that sculpted chest in a crushing bodyscissors before those "Best Abs of 2015" get demolished in a rope-assisted, 260 lb ab-stretch. A swinging rocking horse isn't enough for BBB, so each painful swing ends with Kip's face smashed into the turnbuckle. And so many power moves that break each part of his perfect body: gut-wrenching gutbusters; bearhugs; torture racks; double-handed chokeslams.

The sheer brutality on display in this match is simply breathtaking! Kip is so utterly demolished he may never want to step foot in a ring again. Of course, the Boss enjoys seeing Sorell thrashed way too much for that to ever happen, which means BG East fans will surely get to see Kip broken over and over again by the meanest heels the Boss can find. Kip's trapped in a never-ending nightmare, and there's no waking up!

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Big Barry Burke vs. Kip Sorell
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Barry jerks and cleans his smaller prey off the mat

Barry presses down on the ropes, focusing all 250+ lbs on the prettyboy's throat

The big hulky bodybuilder twists Kip's lean perfect bod out in a standing abstretch

Big, Bad Barry surveys the destruction of the prettyboy as he works a brutal bodyscissors

Kip reaches for salvation as the tree trunk thighs clamp down on his shredded midsection

Kip arches as Barry drags him over in a reverse chinlock

Kip Sorrell: 5'8, 160

Barry's shadow falls over the stretching form of the prettyboy as he enters the ring

Barry's superior weight crushes Kip into the mat

Kip crawls, seeking safety from the imposing brutal bruiser

Big, Bad Barry carries his much smaller opponent around the ring in a torture rack

Kip's smaller, muscular body folded up painfully by the big buff bully

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