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  Austin Cooper vs. Kirk Donahue

Austin Cooper: 5'9, 190

Terminator mode engaged! Austin lifts Kirk off the mat with a two-handed choke

Coop bends the boy-in-blue's lean, muscular form out in an abstretcher

The big hulk indulges a vicious over-the-ropes choke

Massive muscle monster Coop lifts Donahue's limp body as if he were a bag of sand

Austin poses victoriously like a big game hunter over his broken prey

Here Comes a Tank! Lights Out!

Delightful babyface Kirk Donahue, full of youth and patiently waiting in the ring, is oblivious to the tank rolling his way! And what a tank, as Austin Cooper arrives decked out in black gear, looking more ripped (and just plain HUGE!) than ever. And this tank is steaming! Austin has been so successful making a name for himself as one of BG East's preeminent heels that he was even given his own entire Demolition Series, "Austin's Heel Turn". But now he's only got one spot on Demolition 20? The Boss is only sending him ONE delicious twink to utterly demolish?! Austin's pissed, and he's gonna make sure this is a hell of a memorable match, especially for poor poor Kirk.

"Are you ready to get beat up?" Austin isn't messing around in the slightest. Locking up, Austin gives a mighty heave and flings Kirk through the air into the corner. But Kirk is agile, full of energy, and knows how to wrestle. Sprinting out of the corner, he spins around Austin and rolls him into a perfect 1-2-3 pin! A furious Austin can't believe it, telling Kirk that anyone can pin anyone. So Kirk flies through the air, wrapping himself around Cooper's body, locking on a suspended ab stretch that actually yields a submission!

Austin is absolutely enraged. He may have come in hotheaded, but now he's pushed over the edge. "Anyone can get a pin or submission. Knocking someone out? Whole different game! Ready for a knockout match?!" And in the worst decision Kirk will ever likely make, he says yes, having no idea what it means to have Austin Cooper aiming to leave you 100% knocked out in the ring!

Swooping behind Kirk, Austin puts those massive muscles to good use, lifting Kirk into a reverse bearhug, crushing him, shaking him like a ragdoll. Austin is adamant that he's gonna knock Kirk out, but he wants to inflict maximum pain on the kid while he can still feel it! Throwing him throat-first over the ropes, Austin let's Kirk know he's playing with him now. "You know, I COULD knock you out right now, but not yet. I want you to see yourself in pain!" Flinging him off the ropes, Austin locks on a camel clutch with such control and power, he can literally position Kirk at the best possible angles to see himself in the mirror as he screams for release.

Through the haze of pain, Kirk now realizes the error he made. He should have left when he had the chance. That mistake is going to cost him dearly, as Austin sets out to absolutely pulverize poor, adorable Kirk. Another brutal reverse bearhug transitions into a trio of over-the-knee backbreakers, with Kirk being flung away from Austin like loose trash each and every time. Once the back is destroyed, Cooper moves on to the gut, using every ounce of strength to grind his elbow into Kirk's taught midsection, followed by a gut claw and ab stretch in rapid succession. As though the pain wasn't enough, Austin's out to humiliate his out-muscled opponent, counting out a 1-2-3 ass-on-face pin, even though they're now in a knockout match!

And boy, do the blows to Kirk's skull start coming fast and furious! Elevated double-handed choke slams, figure 4 chokes, multiple bulldogs, DDTs, and so much more. Not to mention Cooper keeps cutting off all the oxygen and blood to Kirk's brain. Boots to the throat, rope choke-outs, over-the-shoulder hangmans, and sleepers that keeping putting Kirk on the edge of oblivion, including one vicious sleeper with Cooper standing on the second turnbuckle as Kirk dangles and gasps from his mighty biceps, feet feebly kicking in the air! When Kirk isn't in one of Cooper's agonizing holds, he's a twitching mess on the ground (at least the twitching means he's alive!). When Austin promises to knock you the fuck out, he's gonna leave you absolutely DEMOLISHED in the ring! The only escape for this prettyboy rookie is in his (hopefully) peaceful dreams.

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Austin Cooper vs. Kirk Donahue
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Taking a moment to admire his own peaked bicep, Coop nonchalantly crushes Kirk's windpipe

A look of serenity on Coop's face as he breaks the angelic jobber over his knee

Coop's massively muscled monster quads crush Donahue into oblivion in a figure four headscissors

Kitty got claws! The jobber fights back in a surprisingly resilient crucifix variation

A kneeling surfboard makes the lean muscled boy scream and beg for mercy

Pretty muscle boy Kirk Donahue hung out to dry on the turnbuckles

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 165

A suspended reverse bearhug has Kirk's lean muscled body wilting pathetically

Kirk dangles lifeless and helpless in a hangman carry

The life leaves Kirk's eyes as he's utterly broken in a big, kneeling torture rack

Coop flexes his massive arms in a rear-naked choke to put the indy prettyboy OUT FUCKING COLD

A relentless Austin threatens to break the bulging prettyboy's back in a tortuous boston crab

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