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  Rico Rave vs. Shannon Embry

Rico Rave: 5'8, 175

A standing surfboard demolishes the back and shoulders of the hapless blond jobber

A double-booted stomp to the babyface's back snaps his neck over the ropes

Rico sits victorious atop his victim in a smug schoolboy pin

Shannon doesn't stand a chance without a ref as Rory slaps on a blatant choke

A big, brutal boot to the gut folds Shannon in half

A Clean Canvas for Rico to Paint

Shannon Embry seems as though he was custom-made for BG East's Demolition Series. Beautiful face that heels just want to slap? Check. Long, lean limbs just waiting to be stretched and bent to their breaking limits? Check. Alabaster smooth skin that's just begging to be painted red, or black and blue? Double check! And Rico Rave, heel extraordinaire, can't wait to show Shannon how much he loves marking up babyfaces!

Step one: Stretching! To truly create a demolition masterpiece, the jobber must first be loosened up. Shannon's already stretching in the ring, showing off his taut muscles, but Rico has a different kind of stretching in mind. Wasting no time talking, Rico simply grabs Shannon and forces him into the corner, using his sheer muscle advantage over his lithe opponent. Wondering if Shannon's even worth the trouble of demolishing, Rico slaps him in the face and walks away. Furious at being so casually dismissed, Shannon executes not one, not two, but three amazing standing dropkicks that leaves Rico on his heels. But Shannon should have left it there, cause Rico's pissed and simply bats Shannon out of the air on the fourth attempt. Shannon just helped make up Rico's mind: it's time to stretch the canvas after all!

Standing on Shannon's hair, Rico grabs his wrists and tries to see what's stronger, Shannon's shoulder joints or the scalp holding those luscious locks in place! Screaming in agony, Shannon begs and pleads to let go, which he does, but only after giving a vicious chop to the chest. Seeing how quickly that chest turns red is definitely giving Rico ideas for later! But first, he's going to turn Embry into a living pretzel. Brutal over-the-knee backbreakers, chicken wings that nearly breaks his joints, torture racks that may just leave him permanently hunched, even Shannon's balls get stretched out, leaving Rico satisfied with Step One.

Step Two: Choke the life out of your jobber! Shannon's already on his last reserve of fight, but somehow surprises Rico with a huricarana! But Shannon learned nothing from earlier in the match. Repeating himself can be costly AND painful, as his second huricarana attempt ends with him thrown throat first onto the ring's top rope. Even though he's in incredible pain, Shannon should have enough sense to not try to and recover draped across the middle rope, because the temptation to keep choking Shannon is just too much for Rico to resist.

Rico knows how much jobbers like to struggle. The best way to limit that struggle is to deprive them of as much oxygen as possible, leaving the poor jobber flopping like a fish on land. But using just one leg and the ropes to choke Shannon isn't enough. So Rico full-on STANDS on Shannon's back, pulling on the ropes with all his strength to use his full body weight to completely choke the life out of the kid. Dragging Shannon's head under the ropes, grabings his legs, and falling back with his full body weight, Rico snaps Shannon and his already abused throat up into the bottom rope. Gasping, crawling to the corner, all Shannon can do is collapse helplessly as a brutal flurry follows: one-handed chokes in the corner; kneeling boots to the throat; a double-handed choke on the ground; throat-first slams across the ropes.

Step three: paint him red! That pale, luscious skin marks up so incredibly well. Rico's hand prints or boot prints are visible within seconds. And so Rico starts painting. His slaps are works of sheer beauty! Every slap to the chest rings out clear as can be, louder and louder. Chops send poor Shannon flying to the mat, clutching his chest in sheer agony. Every count of a pin is accompanied by a stinging slap to the face. Gut claws leave fingerprints. Sidewalk slams, powerbombs, and ax handle chops from the top rope paint his back a bright red. His joints stretched to the breaking point, his face blue from lack of oxygen, and his body covered in red, this is why Shannon Embry was born to be DEMOLISHED!

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Shannon's body jackknives and rebounds off the mat from the powerful and devastating elbow drop

Shannon's long, lean body crashes back to the mat with a big, hard body drop

Rico doing what he does best as he carts Shannon around the ring in a torture rack

As if the backbreaker wasn't enough, Rico drops an elbow into the stretched, exposed gut

Shannon lays wasted and sagging on the mat in the corner, praying for the torture to end

A gut buster drives the wind from the jobber's broken body

Shannon Embry: 6'0, 160

Rico's big boots trample and bury the blond into the canvas

Rico uses his leg to trap and choke the prettyboy over the ropes

Rave claws deep as he drills and tears away at the jobber's lean core

An abstretch proves agonizing for the prettyboy's already demolished abs

Rico catches a wave atop the jobber with a step over toe-hold

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